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  • From a UK brewer...

    I know this place is mostly US and with our situation advancing quickly I'm hoping to pass on some wisdom for those in the industry. I haven't been following the situation in the US but it looks like you're probably a week or two behind us so I hope this helps.

    We are a brewpub in the countryside near Birmingham. Monday saw our Government request people stop going to pubs, so our trade bombed and cask sales to other pubs dropped to zero. The following Friday we were told to close our doors completely leaving us with zero income. We are still waiting to find out what the financial situation is for the directors who are effectively on low benefits right now, meaning we won't survive.

    In reaction to the epidemic we set up a local delivery service (free within 5 miles) which is absolutely flying.

    My suggestion to beer producers is this;

    - get an ecommerce site ready if you don't have one
    - get marketing materials, social media posts for this service ready
    - gather an abundance of materials for off sales (cans, polypins, growlers) - our trade increased 30 fold.
    - prepare delivery ppe and hand sanitizers and write up a touchless delivery guide for drivers to safeguard staff
    - maybe forget about your unpopular beers for a while, grab ingredients for your next core brews

    Best of luck to you all in this crazy climate!

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    All Good Advice

    This is all good advice.
    As we were moving towards opening a 7bbl brewpub, we weren't even thinking about delivery at this point though, we had hoped to move into it by late summer. Now, it looks like we'll open our doors as delivery only.