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Contract Brewer Thinks Big --Very Big

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  • Contract Brewer Thinks Big --Very Big

    Brew Hub is taking an old concept in craft brewing and taking it big.

    Contract brewing has been around forever. In the craft industry, it surfaced in the early years as well. It has taken many different shapes and business models, but no one has taken on what Brew Hub is in the midst of.

    Not only are they building a large production plant in Florida, dedicated to contract brewing, they also have plans to do public tours and a with tasting room serving all the beers made there. But this is the first of five large breweries around the country.

    Thinking big indeed.

    Full story here.

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    I get the fresher beer concept...and the market expansion. But I feel like this is a shot at monetizing what's cool and local. The reason a brewery in NC does well is 'cause the one in WI can't make shipping their beer feasible. I fear that this might be the pin prick that bursts the local beer balloon.

    And it was an A-B guy that thought of it.