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    What's wrong with a little Pete flavor?

    I was told once that there's only 2 guys working on the app part-time which is why it never gets updates.

    We brewed an IIPA specifically for our Founders Club event and it was entered as "Founders IPA" on Untappd by someone. I never bothered to correct it because, well, that's not my job. We get check-ins from the midwest all the time...

    Populuxe Brewing


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      Hah, I think all your beers have that certain Pete flavor...

      Seems to me there could be trademark fights about this. If I was Founders, I wouldn't be pleased at the confusion. Meanwhile it's not your fault someone entered the name wrong.

      Congrats on the Gold last weekend BTW!
      Russell Everett
      Co-Founder / Head Brewer
      Bainbridge Island Brewing
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        Originally posted by AnthonyB View Post
        I've gotten reviews like that before… a few weeks ago, our Kolsch was given 0.5 stars and the comment "Miller lite". I think a big issue with Untappd is that the users are kind of a self-selecting crowd of folks who like Leos said, represent a very, very insignificant snapshot of your sales typically.
        I'm glad it's not just me... my Kolsch got the comment "Coors Light... bleh"... and I think he still gave it 3 stars...

        I actually took the review as a compliment, considering what I'm trying to accomplish by offering that beer in my lineup... my bartenders are aware enough to offer tastes of my Kolsch when someone orders a light lager (yes, we have at least one on tap - among 45 other beers). It's amazing how many folks will change their order once they try it.
        Jeff Drum - Brewer
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          If you get an unusually low rating for one of your beers just look through the persons recent history. Chances are their highest rating they've ever given out is a 3.5 stars.... And it was for bud light. Chances are they will rate beers like Rebel IPA or surly Furious 2 stars.

          Some people should just stop drinking beer if it tastes that bad to them.


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            Just caught this on Untappd from a local brewery. This guest simply copied his friend's check-in.

            Click image for larger version

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              At least he earned a new badge for his efforts!
              Scott LaFollette
              Fifty West Brewing Company
              Cincinnati, Ohio


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                I'll throw a few out there, from the same guy:

                Our Wheat beer, one star: "Served with a lemon. Actually not too bad, but not my style either. " Our Hefeweizen "and I still don't care for Hefe's" Rated 1/2 star.

                So you don't like the style? Cool. Then why did you order and rate these beers?

                It's like me buying a boat then saying that I don't like the water so I don't like the boat.


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                  I'm still trying to find the 2 star Blonde in my brewery a few people had over the 4th.
                  Bog Water Brewing Co. est 2012 revived 2013


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                    For those of you complaining about poor reviews of your Kölsch, maybe you just need to brew better versions?

                    Maybe you should try an Ehrenfelder Kölsch:

                    It's unfiltered, hazy, I think from dry- or whirlpool-hopping.


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                      My customers like my beer, I keep growing with new " regulars" , my accounts keep buying kegs. I've never looked at untapped to guide my brewing and I probably won't. I also thought the Internet was a waste of time back in 1997.

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                      Eric Brandjes
                      Cole Street Brewery
                      Enumclaw, WA


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                        What do you expect?

                        Just went to the website

                        Not only is the app's name spelled wrong (or are they just clever?) but there are multiple spelling and grammar mistakes in the descriptions of what one could do with the app. Way to go untapp(e)d!

                        Honestly, most people I know who use it are only checking in beers so they can check in more beers than their friends. They're not loyal customers, they're tickers who only care about trying beer so they can put another notch on their belt.


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                          Howdy, all!

                          My solution to the 'fumble-thumbs' problem of folks looking for my beers on Untappd has been to leverage the technology they've already got in their hands. Generating QR codes for each of my beers, and then placing them prominently where folks will be drinking them, helps take the guesswork out. Scanning the code with their phone takes the patron directly to the Untappd page for that beer, where they can simply check in with their review.

                          I also (so far, at least) have kept my untappd listings fairly simple. My pillar beers are simply named for their style, with no fancy branding variations. I realize as I begin adding more seasonal varietals and one-off experiments this will become more cluttered, but that's where the QR codes simplify things.

                          This doesn't address the 'bell curve' of middling reviews for beers, but I don't think anything ever will. As long as the craft beer market is dominated by beer tourists, the likelihood of finding fans of your beers is just as high as the likelihood of finding haters. It'll all balance out, until we all start growing more regular patrons who are willing to check-in repeatedly on the same brews.



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                            Just want to bump this important thread. Maybe we could just use it as a repository for funny/weird/obnoxious reviews from Untappd.

                            The other day (Nov 6th 2018) I got this: "10-22-08.GABF 2008. One of the few proprieters to be pouring his own stuff. Lightish brown, light toffee malt, medium fruit hop finish." Three stars.

                            Really? Three stars man? You drank the beer a decade ago and still remember it and it gets three stars? Haha. I really don't care at all about my Untappd ratings, but this just makes me laugh and thought I'd share.

                            BTW the beer won a Gold that year
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