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    So it seems that all the cool kids these days have these fancy EZ-Up tents with their logo on them at beer festivals and other various outdoor events. As someone who always likes to do what the cool kids are doing, I decided we should get ourselves one of those. I've called around to a few places locally and was stunned at the prices for these things. You can get a cheapo one at WalMart for $30 but one that is only a *little* better quality with your logo on it runs $1600-$2000!

    Anybody out there got a good source for these things that doesn't cost as much as a dozen new kegs?
    Scott LaFollette
    Fifty West Brewing Company
    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    Not cheap, but less than you mentioned.

    Not sure how big you are looking for. This place has some 10' x 10' with custom design on canopy and back and side walls for about half the price you mentioned.


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      Boelter Beverage

      We just got ours from Boelter Beverage. about $1000 shipped and logo'd. They also had great prices on coasters & pint glasses. Cheers!


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        I've been using KD Canopies for years. I've had my 10 x 10 tents blow over & get thrashed and have called KD for parts that arrive 2 or 3 days later. Great product & support.


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          Customized Pop Up Tents

          Call Derek Dolan @ Kotis Designs at (206) 979-2158. Great prices. Higher if you want designed, custom fabric.


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            I bought one from Costco. Good quality, I think it was around $200 or so, made in the U.S. Has four zip on walls. I can't believe any popup tent from wally world will be near it in quality. Anyway, it came with a separate banner panel that attached to one of the edges. The idea is you take the banner out and have it printed with a dye sublimation transfer, so the entire tent doesn't need to be printed.



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              Some festivals will require fire resistant certification. $30 at Costco isn't going to get you that; quite the opposite in fact. Consider too that a $30 tent will look like crap after a couple uses. As much as it sucks to do it, pony up for a quality tent. The printing will last longer and look better, the tubing will last longer and work properly, the joints and mechanisms will stand up to use. Your event people will appreciate that they aren't trying to piece together a crappy tent and then having to carefully tear it down at 1am when the festival is over.

              Not saying you have to spend $1000-$1500 but that's what we found to be the going price for a reasonable product.


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                Originally posted by mswebb View Post
                Some festivals will require fire resistant certification. $30 at Costco isn't going to get you that; quite the opposite in fact. [...]
                The one I got was more like $200 or so. It's this one here, but it came with the side walls, which are sold separately online. Here's a detail photo that shows how the banner is attached. This was the main reason I purchased this particular tent.

                Good point about flammability, though. This one meets the flammability requirements of CPAI-84, which is a specification specifically for tents. I think California requires the fabric to be certified with either CPAI-84 or NFPA 701 as well as registered with the State Fire Marshal. I suspect most other localities have similar requirements.

                Of course, now I see that this was an old thread resurrected by an advertiser...I probably wouldn't have bothered responding if I'd noticed that before.