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Poll: basic brewpub / biz model questions

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  • Poll: basic brewpub / biz model questions

    I am researching starting my own brewery (I know, I know, popular thing to do...).

    I am looking at opening a neighborhood brewpub. Carrying 4 of my own beers on tap, and then 2-3 of others beers.

    1. how many pints do you sell per hour on average?
    2. How many seats does your pub have?
    3. Do you have foot traffic, street traffic, or are you in an out of the way warehouse space?
    4. Do you offer food?

    thanks very much in advance.

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    We have several brewpubs

    1. This really isn't a good question. A better one might be "How many barrels do you sell a year?" We sell 300 to 700bbl a year depending on the location. You could look up barrels produced from the BA's production issue for more similar brewpubs in your area. If you are not a BA member then you should really become one. They have so many resources that are great.
    2. Not including the patio. We have 225 at most of our breweries but our newer locations are in the 350 seat range.
    3. We are always in more expensive locations with a high volume of traffic in the area. This keeps us busier but the rent on a mall location is unbelievable.
    4. Yes, we offer food. As mentioned earlier we have to to be called a brewpub. Maybe a better question would be what are your percentage of food sales. We do 70-80% in food sales.