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Pricing gluten-free beer at the pub

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  • Pricing gluten-free beer at the pub

    After finding a good source for gluten free ingredients, I'm a bit surprised by the difference in price to brew a batch as opposed to regular malt.

    If my calcs hold up, I may be forced to price a pint at $6-7! Will anybody pay that? I'm not planning on going the route of some watered-down brew made with sorghum syrups, and I feel the overall quality will stand out.

    Anyone have any experience in pricing a beer and having no takers, based on price alone?

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    Price would be relative to the beer. An IPA could fetch $7 easily and all day. I'm not sure there's much of a market for that G free stuff. So, if you get no takers, may not be the price.


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      I think you could sell a GF beer for $6-7. Start by brewing a half batch and see how it sells. Pricing is going to be relative to your operation, but I just brewed one that is going to cost less to make than our double IPA, and that sells for $5.20 a pint. Most of our beers sell for $4.20, and it will probably be in that bracket. You just have to know what you're market will sustain price wise.