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Zoning vs Sales

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  • Zoning vs Sales

    Has anyone ran into this issue. The property manager we are speaking with mentioned to us that we would have a problem with the location if our taproom sales would be higher than sales outside taproom. He was saying since its a brewery the taproom has to smaller in sqft than the production area. He suggested to find a different zoning for our brewery. We are currently interested in a zone M1 in a incorporated area of Los Angeles. Any feed back is appreciated.


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    Is this your first brewery. We couldn't find anyone to lease to us for about 6months. Then when we did he tried to screw us because our agent was an idiot. Their deal is they really don't care about your business as long as you pay your rent and dot cause them headaches with the other tennants. Sounds like they don't want to rent to you but don't want to come out and say it.

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