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New spring big retailer resets

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  • New spring big retailer resets

    Not naming names, but I am seeing some big changes in the spring resets of the major grocery store chain in Tennessee. It seems that a lot of the craft breweries purchased by the big brewers are getting major national distribution, at much cheaper price points. I saw a 15 pack from an LA brewery priced at $10.99 to start out with in our market! I knew it was coming but damn. What are all you guys seeing?
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    I think what you have noticed is going to be the new world we live in with regards to selling wholesale, trying to get shelf space and make sales in a retail environment outside of the brewery. Selling pints in the brewery's taproom at full retail price is looking better and better each day instead of trying to compete in grocery stores against multi billion dollar/globally owned "craft" breweries (in addition to all the other breweries expanding into new markets).

    I've seen customers in the beer aisle at large grocery stores have a deer in head lights look on their face from being completely overwhelmed by the amount of different beers available. They typically look for a while at all the "new" beers available, walk around in the aisle a bit but then ultimately end up grabbing a six pack by one of the nationally distributed craft brands instead of new local beer.
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