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Methods for tracking points-of-sale growth

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  • Methods for tracking points-of-sale growth

    We set a goal to grow our active accounts by a certain % this quarter over the previous quarter. Then I started over-thinking the method of how to compare active accounts from two different time periods so I'm curious how other people do this. We consider an active account to be one who purchased from us in the last three weeks. We've talked about calculating a rolling average of active accounts every week throughout the quarter, or the number of active accounts at the end of the quarter versus the end of the previous quarter, or end of each month vs previous month, etc. I'm wondering if there is a good way to do this to accommodate seasonal releases, seasonal fluctuations, etc. Or do we just keep it simple and bear in mind that those factors might influence the number? The end-goal is to say "Yes, we increased our number of active accounts by x% this quarter versus last quarter." Any insight here?

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    If it were me I would keep it simple and have here is how many active accounts we had at the end of Q1 and here they are at the end of Q2. What is the % change between those 2 numbers. I do agree keeping in mind some of the seasonality is important when reviewing this number. There are also other ways that you can increase you sales or increase your profit margin besides gaining new customers. Please PM if you would like to discuss more.