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Beer Fight Pricing with Special Beers

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  • Beer Fight Pricing with Special Beers

    We currently sell 4 - 5oz pours in a flight for $10. We recently added a couple special beers to our lineup such as a 10% Stout and a Coffee Pumpkin beer made from the stout or porter base. We charge extra for these as regular pours as they cost more to make. How do we address this in the flight cost? Suck up a loss when these are in a flight, exclude from the flights, or charge more for flight when they are in them?

    Thanks for your advice,

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    We have a high gravity / specialty price adder. Our flights are anywhere from 4 beers to 10 beers. If they get a 6-flight and 2 of those are high gravity or specialty beers, they pay the standard 6-flight price plus 2 price adders. On our menu, all the beers in Black Ink are standard price. The ones in red ink are more expensive and would include the price adder. In cases of extreme High Gravity or specialty beers, I'll add multiple price adders.