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    I am a sales/brewery rep for a local, small Massachusetts brewery. I have currently been working on getting our skus into Buffalo Wild Wings, however, they have mentioned to me that they use a program/business called Beer Board which gets calorie counts/FDA related information so that places like Buffalo Wild Wings or Hooters, for example, can add your product to their draft list/beer menus.

    I spoke with one of the Beer Board reps who gave me a breakdown of their pricings. Which to me seem like a silly investment unless guaranteed permanent lines. In a nutshell, I was hoping to find out if any of you have experience with this program/business, if it is worth it and how exactly it works in relation to a company such as Buffalo Wild Wings or other on-prem accounts...?

    Any information is appreciated, and I apologize in advance if this is not the proper place to ask questions or questions related to this subject. I am new to Probrewer and am still learning the ropes. Thank you in advance for any info you guys can provide, cheers!
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