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ProBrewer Community Covid-19 Crisis Resource Center
Let's Talk
People want - need - to talk to one another. Just talk. About the virus, about how things have changed and just about this 'new life' we are now living. This forum is meant to be a virtual place that the beer industry can collaborate, and hopefully help each other.
Topics: 14 Posts: 26
Last Post: Hello?
14 26
by banjo
Brewpub and Taproom Information Exchange
Exchange ideas, discuss issues, relate status, and work through collaborative ideas on how to reduce loses in restaurants and public tap rooms during the crisis.
Topics: 28 Posts: 62
28 62
Brewery Information Exchange
A place where the beverage industry producers can collaborate and hopefully help each other through these tough times.
Topics: 22 Posts: 23
Last Post: Ecodraft kegs
22 23
by Podzone
General Info for Crisis in Food and Beverage Industry
General info on how the Coronavirus / Covid-19 crisis is impacting the food and beverage industries.
Topics: 24 Posts: 35
24 35
Allied Trade Response
How members of the beverage industry Allied Trade are responding to the crisis.
Topics: 19 Posts: 19
19 19
Topics: 81 Posts: 166
81 166
Topics: 29 Posts: 91
29 91
Topics: 219 Posts: 873
219 873
Sales and Marketing
Ideas, questions and issues as it pertains to the marketing of beer. Do not post job opportunities here. post those in help wanted.
Topics: 251 Posts: 1,086
251 1,086
Comments, questions, issues relating to the sales of beer. Do not post job opportunities here. post those in help wanted.
Topics: 302 Posts: 1,487
Last Post: Keg Sales Tracking
302 1,487
Blu Dragonfly
Brewery Operations
Barrel Q&A
Discussions covering all aspects of barrel use in the brewery
Topics: 83 Posts: 286
83 286
by Guiche
Topics: 53 Posts: 282
53 282
Brew Water Q&A
It all starts with the water.
Topics: 115 Posts: 789
115 789
Topics: 54 Posts: 302
54 302
Topics: 36 Posts: 189
Last Post: Hose Racks
36 189
Brewery Venting Q&A
Brewery Venting questions and issues
Topics: 61 Posts: 405
61 405
Topics: 52 Posts: 217
52 217
Brewstillery/Distillation Q&A (Sponsored by DYE, Daeyoo Tech)
Questions and Answers on this important topic from brewers, distillers, and industry vendors.
Topics: 49 Posts: 292
49 292
Topics: 62 Posts: 470
62 470
by LHMead
Cleaning & Sanitizing Q&A
Brewery Environment and Equipment Cleaning and Sanitation Methods and Products
Topics: 255 Posts: 1,692
255 1,692
Topics: 99 Posts: 664
99 664
Equipment Q&A (Sponsored by Standard Kegs)
Covering all aspects of equipment within the brewery
Topics: 4,106 Posts: 21,888
4,106 21,888
by Growler
Filtration (Sponsored by Criveller Group )
Bright beer, microbiological stability.
Topics: 337 Posts: 1,719
337 1,719
Freight for the Brewery Q&A
Freight carrier's expectations and estimating Freight costs.
Topics: 25 Posts: 112
25 112
Hops Q&A
Questions, answers and wisdom from your fellow users on Hops
Topics: 502 Posts: 2,621
502 2,621
Kegs Q & A (Sponsored by Keg Logistics)
How to buy them and how to use them after you get them
Topics: 306 Posts: 1,611
Last Post: DSI Keg spear parts
306 1,611
Topics: 263 Posts: 1,365
263 1,365
Topics: 62 Posts: 349
62 349
dick murton
Other Ingredient Issues
Discussions of raw materials other than Malt, Hops, & Yeast used in brewing.
Topics: 591 Posts: 2,956
591 2,956
by banjo
Topics: 147 Posts: 1,099
147 1,099
Packaging Q&A (Sponsored by SKA Fabricating)
Questions and issues regarding the Packaging of Craft Beverages
Topics: 1,509 Posts: 7,629
1,509 7,629
Pumps Q&A
Join the conversation and discuss your pump problems and solutions with industry experts and fellow brewers.
Topics: 122 Posts: 709
122 709
Topics: 525 Posts: 3,077
525 3,077
Topics: 60 Posts: 376
Last Post: Spent grain fees
60 376
Stupid Stuff Q&A
Have questions or Stupid Stuff of your own to share with the brewing community?
Topics: 469 Posts: 2,842
469 2,842
Topics: 68 Posts: 276
68 276
by banjo
Topics: 471 Posts: 2,723
Last Post: Forgot yeast pitch
471 2,723
Brewing Process and Theory
Beverage Conditioning Q&A
The Beverage Conditioning Forum covers discussions regarding a multitude of processes that affect the final outcome of the entire brewing process. Example Carbonation, Nitrogenating, Deoxygenation, Barrel Conditioning, etc. These conditioning processes contribute to a beer
Topics: 29 Posts: 166
29 166
by Vkpak
Process and Techniques
The art and science of brewing
Topics: 2,408 Posts: 15,224
2,408 15,224
Quality Control
General discussion on brewery Quality Control issues
Topics: 541 Posts: 3,420
Last Post: THP testing ?
541 3,420
Recipe Formulation Recipe Formulation
A forum to share ideas, comments and questions in recipe and style formulation
Topics: 535 Posts: 3,595
535 3,595
Craft Brewing Business
Topics: 31 Posts: 122
31 122
Topics: 4 Posts: 6
4 6
Employee Issues
Safety, OSHA, etc.
Topics: 121 Posts: 1,051
121 1,051
Front of the house
Restaurant issues, ideas and questions for the brewpub owner and manager including selling, dispensing, POS systems, efficiencies, etc.
Topics: 25 Posts: 106
25 106
General R&B Discussions
General Restaurant, Bar, Brewpub discussions discussions
Topics: 1,031 Posts: 5,529
1,031 5,529
Trademark & Brand Identity Protection Q&A
Questions and Answers from fellow industry professionals and specialized legal professionals.
Topics: 16 Posts: 62
16 62
by Sote
Topics: 146 Posts: 591
146 591
General Discussions
Boots & Clothing
From the All Important Brewers Boots to what clothing holds up best under brewery conditions.
Topics: 10 Posts: 101
Last Post: Brewhouse shirts?
10 101
Ted Briggs
Brewing Education & Training Q&A
Forum about Brew Schools, Scholarships, and other Training and Education Discussions.
Topics: 19 Posts: 101
19 101
Brewery Floors Q&A (Sponsored by Cascade Floors)
No one realizes how important a good brewery floor is until they have to deal with a bad brewery floor and all that comes with it.
Topics: 106 Posts: 578
106 578
DIY Floor Coating Q&A
So you've decided to take a whack at prepping and coating your own brewery floor. This forum along with the DIY Floor Coating content will hopefully help you over the hurdles.
Topics: 14 Posts: 58
14 58
Topics: 69 Posts: 429
69 429
General Discussions (Sponsored by Stout Tanks and Kettles)
Openings, closings, general advice, off-topic conversations, supplier evals, etc.
Topics: 2,991 Posts: 15,910
2,991 15,910
dick murton
The Big Picture - Craft Beer - 10% Marketshare: Possible and How?
A place to discuss the 'business' of beer and issues/challenges facing the beer industry. Can American craft beer companies attain 10% marketshare? What are the challenges/obstacles?
Topics: 45 Posts: 321
Last Post: Brewery Insurance
45 321
by plh
The Big Picture
A place to discuss the 'business' of beer and issues/challenges facing the beer industry
Topics: 8 Posts: 55
8 55
Topics: 6 Posts: 31
6 31
Topics: 4 Posts: 7
4 7 Forum Information
Forum Feedback
This area is to offer suggestions and to provide feedback on Forum and its software. This area is not to be used to discuss forum rules or to complain about forum actions in regards to post or users. Posts will be removed that do not fo
Topics: 46 Posts: 256
46 256
Test Area
A place to test some of the special types of posts you might make. Such as images, charts, or what have you. This is the place to try things first.
Topics: 17 Posts: 50
Last Post: testing
17 50
by Crane
Topics: 2 Posts: 9
2 9
Help With Posting
This area is an archive of questions related to how to post on the forums. This is not for brewing related comments or Q&A. Please find the relevant section of the forums to post your specific questions.
Topics: 9 Posts: 25
9 25

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  • Omega.144K
    Cutting Filter Sheets
    by Omega.144K
    Just wanted to say thanks in advance. We are a 4 BBL brewery in New Mexico and we use a 20x20 plate and frame filter. Whenever we order filters we can get 100 sheets of 20x20 for about $110 but we can get 100 sheets of 40x40 for $180. That's literally 4 times as much for nearly pennies more.
    Yesterday, 08:47 AM
  • Growler
    CO2 pressure drop over long run
    by Growler

    The wife and I have just got our 2.5bbl brewery up and running and our first brew has just been connected to CO2 for carbonating.

    The concern I have is the CO2 bottle is on the external wall and inside we have a 5 gauge regulator board which in turn each Reg has about a...
    08-11-2022, 05:27 AM
  • kegjuggler
    Temp control and valves.
    by kegjuggler
    Brewery in planning looking for input on the best type of controller and solenoid or valve system. Are there minimum specs you need for your controller? Why such a huge range of cost on all components to control your tank temps? Pros and cons about how you set up your system? Any and all information...
    08-11-2022, 07:59 AM
  • Twofox
    Glycol loop options?
    by Twofox
    HI, We're getting ready to pipe in the glycol system, and I'm torn between 2 designs. A little background, due to limited space, the tanks will be 2 rows, facing each other.

    6 x 7bbl unitanks, sched 80 pvc for trunks, and 3/4 flex line drops to the tanks.

    So, Option A - standard...
    08-05-2022, 11:12 AM