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ProBrewer Community Covid-19 Crisis Resource Center
Let's Talk
People want - need - to talk to one another. Just talk. About the virus, about how things have changed and just about this 'new life' we are now living. This forum is meant to be a virtual place that the beer industry can collaborate, and hopefully help each other.
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What happens when you see no hope
by wlw33
Brewpub and Taproom Information Exchange
Exchange ideas, discuss issues, relate status, and work through collaborative ideas on how to reduce loses in restaurants and public tap rooms during the crisis.
Topics: 24 Posts: 54
24 54
Brewery Information Exchange
A place where the beverage industry producers can collaborate and hopefully help each other through these tough times.
Topics: 15 Posts: 15
Last Post: What do I do now?
15 15
What do I do now?
by Banjo
General Info for Crisis in Food and Beverage Industry
General info on how the Coronavirus / Covid-19 crisis is impacting the food and beverage industries.
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18 29
making hand sanitizer (recipe)
by GinoG
Allied Trade Response
How members of the beverage industry Allied Trade are responding to the crisis.
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15 15
Distribution (Available for sponsorship)
Topics: 75 Posts: 158
75 158
Topics: 29 Posts: 89
29 89
Topics: 212 Posts: 860
212 860
Sales and Marketing
Ideas, questions and issues as it pertains to the marketing of beer. Do not post job opportunities here. post those in help wanted.
Topics: 245 Posts: 1,077
245 1,077
Rolling Reboot Advice?
Comments, questions, issues relating to the sales of beer. Do not post job opportunities here. post those in help wanted.
Topics: 293 Posts: 1,476
293 1,476
Brewery Operations
Barrel Q&A (Available for sponsorship)
Discussions covering all aspects of barrel use in the brewery
Topics: 68 Posts: 268
68 268
Manual Forklift for Barrel Racks?
by Weehe
Topics: 38 Posts: 208
Last Post: Enough bhp?
38 208
Enough bhp?
Brew Water Q&A (Available for Sponsorship)
It all starts with the water.
Topics: 90 Posts: 679
90 679
Topics: 35 Posts: 228
Last Post: single vessel heat
35 228
single vessel heat
by davidn
Topics: 29 Posts: 143
29 143
Brewery Venting Q&A (Available for sponsorship)
Brewery Venting questions and issues
Topics: 57 Posts: 381
57 381
Topics: 43 Posts: 190
Last Post: spent yeast
43 190
spent yeast
Brewstillery/Distillation Q&A (Sponsored by DYE, Daeyoo Tech)
Questions and Answers on this important topic from brewers, distillers, and industry vendors.
Topics: 31 Posts: 105
Last Post: Oyster Stout
31 105
Oyster Stout
by baer19d
Topics: 59 Posts: 443
Last Post: DIY a cip keg
59 443
brain medicine
DIY a cip keg
Cleaning & Sanitizing Q&A (Available for sponsorship)
Brewery Environment and Equipment Cleaning and Sanitation Methods and Products
Topics: 218 Posts: 1,551
218 1,551
Ted Briggs
Minging Grist Hydrator
Topics: 88 Posts: 599
88 599
Equipment Q&A (Sponsored by Standard Kegs)
Covering all aspects of equipment within the brewery
Topics: 3,987 Posts: 21,412
3,987 21,412
Filtration (Sponsored by Criveller Group )
Bright beer, microbiological stability.
Topics: 322 Posts: 1,650
322 1,650
Topics: 22 Posts: 114
22 114
Hops Q&A (Available for Sponsorship)
Questions, answers and wisdom from your fellow users on Hops
Topics: 491 Posts: 2,585
491 2,585
Kegs Q & A (Sponsored by Keg Logistics)
How to buy them and how to use them after you get them
Topics: 286 Posts: 1,525
286 1,525
Topics: 256 Posts: 1,356
256 1,356
Topics: 52 Posts: 296
52 296
Other Ingredient Issues (Available for Sponsorship)
Discussions of raw materials other than Malt, Hops, & Yeast used in brewing.
Topics: 574 Posts: 2,917
Last Post: Hibiscus/rose hips
574 2,917
Hibiscus/rose hips
Topics: 131 Posts: 1,020
131 1,020
Packaging Q&A (Available for Sponsorship)
Questions and issues regarding bottling & canning beer
Topics: 1,429 Posts: 7,295
1,429 7,295
Pumps Q&A (Available for Sponsorship)
Join the conversation and discuss your pump problems and solutions with industry experts and fellow brewers.
Topics: 107 Posts: 647
107 647
Topics: 459 Posts: 2,861
459 2,861
Topics: 53 Posts: 360
53 360
Stupid Stuff Q&A (Available for Sponsorship)
Have questions or Stupid Stuff of your own to share with the brewing community?
Topics: 449 Posts: 2,798
449 2,798
Jay Newbie
Music in your tap room?
Topics: 65 Posts: 267
65 267
brewmaster 2011
Atlantic Brew Supply
Topics: 438 Posts: 2,627
438 2,627
Brewing Process and Theory
Process and Techniques (Sponsored by CPE Systems)
The art and science of brewing
Topics: 2,333 Posts: 15,015
2,333 15,015
Recipe Formulation (Available for Sponsorship )
A forum to share ideas, comments and questions in recipe and style formulation
Topics: 508 Posts: 3,516
Last Post: Red colour
508 3,516
Red colour
Quality Control (Available for Sponsorship)
General discussion on brewery Quality Control issues
Topics: 523 Posts: 3,361
523 3,361
Plastic/band aid flavor
Craft Brewing Business
Topics: 28 Posts: 106
28 106
Topics: 119 Posts: 1,058
119 1,058
Incentives or bonuses
by TiminOz
Front of the house
Restaurant issues, ideas and questions for the brewpub owner and manager including selling, dispensing, POS systems, efficiencies, etc.
Topics: 21 Posts: 89
Last Post: Crowler Sales Data
21 89
Crowler Sales Data
General R&B Discussions (Available for sponsorship)
General Restaurant, Bar, Brewpub discussions discussions
Topics: 1,010 Posts: 5,952
1,010 5,952
Trademark & Brand Identity Protection Q&A (Available for Sponsorship)
Questions and Answers from fellow industry professionals and specialized legal professionals.
Topics: 11 Posts: 52
Last Post: beer names
11 52
beer names
by jebzter
Topics: 136 Posts: 571
136 571
General Discussions
Topics: 1 Posts: 2
1 2
Boots & Clothing (Available for sponsorship)
From the All Important Brewers Boots to what clothing holds up best under brewery conditions.
Topics: 10 Posts: 101
Last Post: Brewhouse shirts?
10 101
Ted Briggs
Brewhouse shirts?
Brewery Floors Q&A (Sponsored by Cascade Floors)
No one realizes how important a good brewery floor is until they have to deal with a bad brewery floor and all that comes with it.
Topics: 99 Posts: 545
99 545
Trench Drain Materials
DIY Floor Coating Q&A (Available for sponsorship)
So you've decided to take a whack at prepping and coating your own brewery floor. This forum along with the DIY Floor Coating content will hopefully help you over the hurdles.
Topics: 12 Posts: 51
12 51
Topics: 38 Posts: 283
Last Post: Co2 and Beer Lines
38 283
Co2 and Beer Lines
by TGTimm
General Discussions (Sponsored by Stout Tanks and Kettles)
Openings, closings, general advice, off-topic conversations, supplier evals, etc.
Topics: 2,951 Posts: 15,848
2,951 15,848
The Big Picture - Craft Beer - 10% Marketshare: Possible and How?
A place to discuss the 'business' of beer and issues/challenges facing the beer industry. Can American craft beer companies attain 10% marketshare? What are the challenges/obstacles?
Topics: 45 Posts: 320
45 320
The Big Picture
A place to discuss the 'business' of beer and issues/challenges facing the beer industry
Topics: 6 Posts: 45
6 45
Topics: 6 Posts: 30
6 30
ProBrewer Interactive News Service
Predictions, trends, reviews and ramblings from ProBrewer
Topics: 10 Posts: 16
Last Post: To the Skies We Go!
10 16
To the Skies We Go!
by admin
Distribution and Retail
Relevant news from the second and third tier
Topics: 66 Posts: 102
66 102
International news as it pertains to the global beer market
Topics: 112 Posts: 206
112 206
Major Brand News
News from domestic and import major brands
Topics: 167 Posts: 557
167 557
Stay in Their Seats Longer?
by scrubb
News from the Breweries
Press releases, new products and other changes
Topics: 270 Posts: 659
270 659
News from the wine/spirits industry, regulatory issues, health & beer, etc.
Topics: 129 Posts: 320
129 320
Quarterly Financial Reports
Summary of quarterly sales and financial data supplied by public breweries
Topics: 102 Posts: 128
102 128
Boston Continues Growth Rally
by admin
Specialty Industry News
Current news from the craft and specialty import category
Topics: 325 Posts: 894
325 894
Topics: 52 Posts: 127
Last Post: TTB Shut Down
52 127
TTB Shut Down Forum Information
Forum Feedback
This area is to offer suggestions and to provide feedback on Forum and its software. This area is not to be used to discuss forum rules or to complain about forum actions in regards to post or users. Posts will be removed that do not fo
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42 242
New classified system launch
by RBC
Test Area
A place to test some of the special types of posts you might make. Such as images, charts, or what have you. This is the place to try things first.
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15 47
Testing Instagram Embed
by admin
Topics: 2 Posts: 3
2 3
Help With Posting
This area is an archive of questions related to how to post on the forums. This is not for brewing related comments or Q&A. Please find the relevant section of the forums to post your specific questions.
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Last Post: Search
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