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  • Do just the 5 beer flight. No one can drink 10 before they get hot, lose there head or some other malady. We are of similar size and have 12 boards.

    When we first opened, the staff got flighted to death...but as we have now been open (less Covid) almost 2 years, just the weekend first...
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  • Likely problem is that the sensor is too high in the tank to accurately read the temp of the beer. This can cause the over-shooting that you are experiencing. Same thing happens when we brew less than 4bbls into 7bbl FVs. We compensate by raising the temp setting on day two and letting it ride out....
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  • 1- The hard stuff....Sit down and have a frank and honest discussion about ownership roles. Who will handle what and what the expectations are. Don't do this over beers. This is a business that you are going to dump your money into for a few years before you see any meaningful return. The reality...
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  • 3cargarbrew
    started a topic Hops in spent grain to farmers

    Hops in spent grain to farmers

    Does anyone know if hops are safe for chickens and sheep(ewes) ? We have farmers that raise free range chicken and sheep for wool. Some hop matter gets in with the spent grain and trub, just wondering if we could dump the dry hop/yeast/trub from the fermenter into it as well.

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