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    External Lab Analysis

    Hi all. This is a lab question as it relates to TTB. Not sure if this is the correct forum for this thread, but here goes...

    We're rolling out a flavored malt beverage product, and we need to get...
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    Funke Gerber FermentoFlash

    Looking at getting a desktop densitometer/analyzer (we currently have an Anton Paar DMA35). I'd love to get an AP Alex 500, but, you know, money. Sat in on a Gusmer sales seminar yesterday and they...
  3. Great write up. Thanks for posting. Dry hopped...

    Great write up. Thanks for posting. Dry hopped beers had been driving me nuts in regards to VDK cleanup; couldn't get a predictable curve if you put a gun to the beer's head. Someone on Reddit turned...
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