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    Issue Solved

    After some consultation with Stout, we did find that our mash filter was bent severely in three places - hence the creation of channeling around the outside of our tun, during sparge. I worked our...
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    Massive Efficiency Problem

    We purchased a Stout 5BBL mash tun a few months back, and are currently hovering around 60% efficiency, consistently. It's a terrible problem, I know, and we haven't had time to sit down and address...
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    Stinky Water From HLT - Storage Problem?

    Hey guys,

    I brewed just over two weeks ago and am recirculating our chiller water back into our HLT. I preheated water yesterday and came in to find that the water was super stinky. No idea what...
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    I'm gathering, due to us also having really hard...

    I'm gathering, due to us also having really hard water that a stand alone RO system isn't worth the hassle. We'd need to first soften, then move through RO. My thought was that we'd only need a 400...
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    RO Filter

    Thanks all.

    I think an RO filter makes sense just for the bicarb levels. I'm finding non-tanked systems in the $300-600 range as we'll only be needing 400 gallons daily. Anyone have experience...
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    Water Profile Concern

    Hey all, preparing to open our brewery and just received our water report from Ward Labs. We're running a super basic carbon filter and have only let our new pipes run for a few minutes.

  7. Good call. My thought was similarly to my LHBS...

    Good call. My thought was similarly to my LHBS and brewery I work at that we wouldn't need a shut-off, but it will help in terms of loading the thing up before starting the mill and preventing jams. ...
  8. DIY Grain Mill Feedback (overhead with gravity)

    Looking to build a grain mill for our 5BBL brewery, and have some interesting opportunities / possible snags ahead. Details to each area of concern I have is below.

    1) We're planning to mill our...
  9. Our full-time employee (me) would be brewing and...

    Our full-time employee (me) would be brewing and handling the operations and growth of the business. As for serving, the plan initially is to sell onsite only and slowly distribute our products to...
  10. We will have a taproom where we hope to derive...

    We will have a taproom where we hope to derive most of our sales. The initial plan is to open our taproom only, focusing on pints and glowers, then working organically to grow our self-distributed...
  11. Nano Brewery - Is This Opportunity Viable?

    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to share with you all in the project details and involve you in some feedback regarding a nano brewery we're almost finished building out. I've read many articles and forums...
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