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  1. New washer not an option

    I managed to get the input pressure balance right and it makes a decent "rinser". I have many very soiled kegs that need manual attention. Buying another one is not in my immediate future
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    Thank You

    Thanks everyone. You were right. I don't need the .9 form.


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    TTB 5130.9 Help

    Is there some real help available to explain TTB 5130.9? Normally I do not have trouble with IRS forms, but this TTB thing is making me doubt my sanity. I have tried to understand the instructions...
  4. Brewer/Assistant/Cellarperson needed in Southern California

    Wingwalker Brewing is opening up our brewery-taproom in late summer/early fall and we need to hire the staff. Our immediate needs are for someone to be an assistant brewer, soon to be head brewer as...
  5. Interesting discussion

    I am in process of opening an 8BBL brewery/taproom in Southern California. I am a solo act right now and need to hire a full staff on a ransacked startup budget. Very interesting to see the...
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    Might I offer a humble suggestion: Put this into...

    Might I offer a humble suggestion: Put this into a clear vessel filled with water (or similar), bubble air through it with an aquarium pump and sell it as a "magic wand" in your brewery gift shop.
  7. Anyone using an Agosea keg washer out there?

    I have a "New to me" Agosea 2 head keg washer. I am trying to figure out the finer points of automated washer operations while I wait for the manufacturer to send me an owner's manual. (Hey everyone...
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    Climb inside? Haven't you heard you should never...

    Climb inside? Haven't you heard you should never trust a skinny brewer?

    Actually that is a good suggestion, I will just have to find a younger, thinner, employee or contractor.
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    Reaching the scratches will also be a challenge...

    Reaching the scratches will also be a challenge since it is a side-manway tank. I will have to get some sort of extension handle for a rotating tool of some sort.
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    Interior scratches 7bbl Ferm

    Hi everyone,
    I just purchased a well-used 8bbl brewery (mostly complete) and in the process of cleaning up one of the fermenters I came across some fairly deep scratches in the underside of the top...
  11. Silly Newbie comment but...

    Down here in SoCal the local backyard chicken farmers fight over spent grains. Have you tried asking around in that community? Or asking them to spread the word?
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