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    Every situation is unique...

    You will have to figure this out for your exact recipe, filling apparatus, etc. There are no general guidelines. I've tried carbonating water with very poor results as water does not hold CO2 like...
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    Hockey stick...

    I've not seen any need for foil; we gently cut the plastic wrap around the layer of cans we wish to remove and then slide the top half-pallet onto a waiting empty pallet. Peel away the plastic wrap...
  3. Chlorine Dioxide

    I use chlorine dioxide whenever I can. Measure the concentration from the sanitize cycle and adjust the concentrated chlorine dioxide concentration accordingly. If you don't keg every day, then...
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    You should try it.

    Sounds right. Try your method knowing what you know now. Only way for you to know for sure is to try it. You may require a bit of tweaking, but only experience will tell you.
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    United Bottles?

    Have you reached out to United? I buy bottles from them frequently. Can recommend them.
  6. Seems like a lot of power for a small brewery...

    You sure you have the air requirements right? That's a massive amount of air for a small brewery. Especially if you don't use both packaging options at the same time.
  7. Thread: Leaky CO2

    by gitchegumee

    Eliminate hose clamps and hose barbs...

    I now use only push fittings with proper tubing for CO2 and air lines. Properly seated, these are much more secure than hose barbs & clamps. Much easier to disconnect too, if the need arises.
  8. Thread: Leaky CO2

    by gitchegumee

    Go programmatic...

    Develop a best practice for your CO2 system and buy quality components. There's some good reference materials out there for design of gas distribution systems. And some good information out there...
  9. Iodophor?

    Iodophor will leave a slight metallic taste when used without rinse. Even at recommended dosing.
  10. To answer...

    Beer nut has NO internal threads as a rubber gasket seals the joint. The threads you see just hold the assembly together. There are no more threads on a beer nut in the wort/beer than the wing nut...
  11. Couple different techniques...

    It really depends on length of time between the batches. I'm more used to brewing on top of one batch the next day--as in 24 hours later. In that situation, I will always pitch the first batch as...
  12. No pipe threads!

    Suggest that you never use pipe threads in a beer or wort application. They can never be sanitized properly without major effort. Like disassembly, cleaning, steam and reassembly. For which they...
  13. Not really an odd choice...

    The rubber doesn't burn. It leaves a nice finish, even with wire spirals. And you are able to cut through the SS tube as well. Which keeps soft hose round so it can be cut square. Even in a vise....
  14. Friction saw..

    Use an abrasive blade in a cut-off saw. Stick a piece of SS tubing into the hose and cut both to get a neat, square end. If you must use the spiral wire hose, then afterwards cut the hose along the...
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    Me too!

    I like their service and pricing. They have very good selection of high quality items too. Beats dealing with BSG for sure.
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    Clog easily

    The finer the "filtration", the easier to clog. Might be good for very large particles, but not for pelletized hops or anything of that scale. And they tend to hold very large volumes--wasting...
  17. StarCat: That's the one!

    Also found that narrower bands tighten better than fat ones. And double through on the banding: twice around to increase the holding pressure. Although swaging ends on a hose is a superior bond,...
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    There's a reason....

    Everybody uses same draft equipment without issue. Don't need to reinvent the wheel here. Shanks are but one restriction in the line coming up the keg valve stem, through the coupler, into the beer...
  19. Up to you...

    Everybody has a preference. That's why so many different styles are made. Personally, I like the 3/8" band material in 304SS and Ear-Lokt as opposed to other locking systems. Also like to...
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    Just curious...

    Why the specific need for exactly 3/16" bore? Don't see why that would matter in any draft system.
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    Hasn't worked for me...

    Don't know exactly why, but compressed air regulators don't work for CO2. I've had to rip out lots of failed compressed air regulators from cold room and replace with purpose-made regulators. ...
  22. Bigger is better....

    Because the "nip" of the roller angle that introduces grain into the crush is very important. This angle goes down as roller size goes up. But also larger rollers have more surface area to wear. ...
  23. Pull slowly!

    Easy to rat-hole a unitank. If you have decent surface finish in your cones, then you can drain most of your settled yeast. But if you rat-hole your yeast, then it will be quite difficult to drain...
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    Seeking a challenging project

    Offering international brewery and cidery services. Credentials include a Diploma in Brewing Science from the Siebel Institute and BS Mechanical Engineering. More than 25 years’ experience at...
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    What Timm said...

    And also, the spelling and grammar are atrocious. To me that also indicates something about professionalism. Also, demand a low-flow spear cleaning step in the cycle. Don't go boldly where nobody...
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