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  1. Plc / hmi

    Looks really close to the design I started including using the Click PLC and CMore Mucro HMI. Did you use the drum instruction to run the sequence? What pump did you end up purchasing?
  2. Kettle & HLT Loads

    I ended up with getting a used-only-once 3 bbl Stout system from a brewery in planning that didn't make it. The BK and HLT have 4 6kw 3-Phase elements each. We ended up with getting a 3 phase open...
  3. Replies

    Keg Empty Indication

    I'm curious how you were dealing with an inital keg drain cycle in your logic. Typically you would assume that all the kegs are empty but that may not be the case. The easy approach I suppose is to ...
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