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  1. Executive Sous Chef- Sawtooth Brewery, Hailey, Idaho

    Sawtooth Brewrey is now hiring! We are looking for a FT Executive Sous Chef. We have 2 locations and a food truck in an Idaho Ski Resort, but are open to the food truck traveling with qualified...
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    Marketing Director Wanted

    Sawtooth Brewery is now hiring! We are looking for a PT or FT (with additional duties) Marketing Director. Must know social media, Adobe CC, and Website design.

    Apply at...
  3. Marketing Director- Sawtooth Brewery, Hailey, ID

    Sawtooth Brewery is growing! We are in need of a Marketing director to handle all marketing, events, and oversee sales staff. Please visit for more information...
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    Lead Brewer- Sawtooth Brewery, Hailey, ID

    We are expanding and looking for a brewer to help run daily operations at our new facility. Must have experience at production brewery.
    Visit for more...
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