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  1. Labels for cans & keg rings

    Hi there. You will almost certainly need a separate approval for your keg rings and your bottle/can labels. TTB lists allowable changes to approved labels (List of Allowable Changes to Approved...
  2. TTB Times

    Results vary, often depending on which reviewer you are working with. The posted average processing times are an AVERAGE, with outliers on both sides. Having a mostly clean application almost always...
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    Now what

    Once you are fully licensed, you are going to need to register your brands with the state, appoint your distributor(s) (if applicable), track production and sales, and continue regular reporting and...
  4. Thread: Floor Plans

    by Brew Law

    Bonded = no tax yet paid / non-taxpaid. You also...

    Bonded = no tax yet paid / non-taxpaid. You also need to separate non-taxpaid beer from taxpaid beer, and from spirits, wine, etc. Generally you cannot store taxpaid alcohol beverages in the bonded...
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    I can confirm. I had this same issue for a bit,...

    I can confirm. I had this same issue for a bit, and realized that somehow the verison worked perfected.
  6. TTB does not regulate the retail sale of alcohol....

    TTB does not regulate the retail sale of alcohol. So long as you do not store wine in your bonded brewery area or alongside nontaxpaid beer, TTB won't care.
  7. 10 (Legal) Steps to Opening a Colorado Brewery



    If you are smart, resourceful, and available, you can a lot of what you need to do to get up and running. If you are planning to keep your...
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    Common law trademarks

    Merely using a name for a beer does create common law trademark rights. Common law rights are limited geographically to the area of use, and a reasonable zone of expansion.

    Here, assuming the...
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    TTB Processing Times

    TTB's processing times have slowed quite a bit after the shutdown. In the past, after a shutdown, I saw batch approvals (especially for COLAs). That does not appear to be the case now.

    Here is a...
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    See my answers in red above. Hopefully they are...

    See my answers in red above. Hopefully they are helpful! Good luck on your new business!
  11. Thread: Floor Plans

    by Brew Law

    Electrical and glycol lines

    I concur, no need to include.
  12. Nachos

    I may have answered your question on the BA message board too, but yes I would recommend amending with TTB. They want to know what areas are publicly accessible, and usually ask where the food...
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    How to Monitor Your Trademarks

    If you own a trademark registration (or even if you just own a common law trademark), I highly recommend putting into place a protocol for monitoring your marks. If you don't watch third-party use of...
  14. Change in Mailing Address

    This is very easy to do in PermitsOnline (PONL). After you log in, click "Search Your Applications," next to your approved Brewer's Notice record, click "Create Amendment," then click, "Amended - All...
  15. Hello from Littleton CO - Label question

    Hello, I am a beer lawyer located in Littleton, CO. If you are going to contract brew, you have the option of having the brewer add your name as a DBA to their brewer's notice in order to allow them...
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    Statements of use

    As a quick warning, do not file a statement of use until you are certain your use qualifies as use in commerce. Otherwise, your trademark registration might be vulnerable to cancellation down the...
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    Databases to search

    I am a trademark attorney, and I strongly disagree. If you only look at the USPTO's database, you won't be aware of unregistered third party use of similar marks. I would recommend at least looking...
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    Compliance Attorney

    Hello. I am a lawyer at a law firm that specializes in helping breweries with TTB and state regulatory issues (as well as trademarks and other legal issues). Shoot me an email at or...
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    3,311 user agreement

    If you are a signing authority or a power of attorney for your brewer's notice, you are eligible to sign up to file returns and BROP's through Again, you first need to make sure you either...
  20. Northern Virginia Brewery Needs Head Brewer

    A new brewery planning to open later this year in Northern Virginia (Sterling VA) is looking for a head brewer.

    We are seeking a master brewer to help launch our start up brewery based in...
  21. Fairfax County (Virginia) Eases Zoning Restrictions for Brewers

    Exciting things happening for breweries in Virginia.

    <<Read More Here>>

    Dan Christopherson, Beer Lawyer
    Christopherson Brew Law
    6638 W. Ottawa Ave, Suite 220-3, Littleton, CO 80128...
  22. Donít miss out on sending your beer to DC for CBC! Hurry up!

    The Craft Brewer’s Conference is just over a month away. If you are thinking about sending beer to DC for one or more of the awesome events taking place that week (and you should), you need to get...
  23. Lawyers vs Legal Zoom

    Good question! My understanding is that LegalZoom is glorified self-filing, where they provide you with information about what to file, and you take care of the rest yourself. I am not completely...
  24. Owner Officer Information Questionnaire Walkthrough

    For a Brewer's Notice Application, TTB requires that every person that will be listed as an officer, director, or stockholder of more than 10% of a corporation; a member or managing member of an LLC;...
  25. Brewery/winery alternation


    TTB does allow for alternation between use of your space as a brewery and as a winery. You will need to designate what space/equipment is shared, and provide TTB with a few extra documents...
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