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  1. Canning Line Operator - Chattanooga, TN

    Hutton & Smith Brewing Co is looking for a mechanically inclined canning line operator to run and maintain their Palmer rotary counterpressure canning line.

    This is a full time position with...
  2. Assistant Brewer/Quality Control Yeast Handling Experience

    Hutton & Smith Brewing Co (Chattanooga TN) is expanding into a 30 bbl brewhouse and looking for an assistant brewer. Experience in Quality Control/Yeast Handling preferred. Entry level positions...
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    Assistant Brewer - Chattanooga

    Hutton & Smith Brewing Co is expanding from a 7 bbl system to a 30 bbl system and looking for an additional assistant brewer to join our team.

    Qualities we are looking fro in an assistant brewer...
  4. Tennessee Sales Rep - Chattanooga, Knoxville, Nashville

    Hutton & Smith Brewing Co is expanding distribution and looking for a friendly, knowledgeable sales representative to help expand our brand into Nashville and Knoxville.

    Qualities that we are...
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    Full Time Assistant Brewer, Chattanooga


    We are in need of a full time assistant brewer for a new 7bbl taphouse opening sometime in January or February in Chattanooga.

    Our system will be a bit of a Frankenbrew set up - 7bbl...
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    Bump on the brewfloors questions from Tim. ...

    Bump on the brewfloors questions from Tim.

    How's it working? Site says five year guarantee, and I'm wondering about having to re-coat.

    We're looking at about a 2000sq/ft space and are...
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