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    Oldie but goodie...

    Oldie but goodie
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    Poor Attneutation

    Could be the amount if specialty in there as well, i know we start to see attenutation only out to around 65-75% using US-05 at specialty malt additions around 25% of the grist bill (beers where...
  3. Diastaticus Detection Protocol (Baseline)

    Diastaticus Detection Protocol Using Malto-Media
    By Andrew Gierczak, Mobcraft Beer Inc.

    Required Materials

    40-50ml Screw Cap Test Tubes
    2-5 Liter Erlenmeyer Flask
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    Having worked for MillerCoors in the past, I can...

    Having worked for MillerCoors in the past, I can confirm that for most of thier beers, they are brewing and fermenting at high gravity and then watering down in the bright beer tanks or on the way to...
  5. DM Me

    If you ever have any questions about brewery operations get in contact with me! You have my contact info!

    If you are interested id be happy to give you a tour of our records keeping, all of which...
  6. Also keep in mind that this poster was designed...

    Also keep in mind that this poster was designed to be presented to a low level college Biology Class, and so a lot of the more technical aspects have been simplified or dumbed down to make it easier...
  7. Diastaticus Strains

    Based on my research, here are the conclusions that i have come to about the precise mechanics of Diastaticus Infection:

    There are multiple different strains of Diastaticus Yeast out there, and...
  8. ABE Watchdog

    We also have had great success with it, but for us, we also use it to carbonate our beer, it was way cheaper than the Meheen Tank manager system, and our sensor cord/Co2 hose are long enough to reach...
  9. Preliminary Data Analysis and Low Cost Assay for Diastaticus Detection

    We are still running testing on our isolated strains of diastaticus, but one of the first, and more terrifying things we have found from our preliminary analysis is that this strain of Diastaticus...
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    Link to another great thread

    Links to posts by one of my incredibly knowledgable colleagues here in Mke for different protocols/methods on handling yeast:
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    Collecting, Storing and Reusing Yeast

    There are tons of different ways to handle and collect yeast, but lets start with some basics if you are going to start collecting and repitching:

    Lab Equipment.
    Yes you *should* be doing yeast...
  12. Updates, Information, and Protocols

    Providing an update on this thread and hopefully some useful information:

    We ended up caving and getting the qPCR unit from Chai Biosciences, the thermocycler is designed to work with the PCR kits...
  13. Brewer Needed

    Have you considered posting Jobs through the WI Brewers Guild? Please PM if you are interested in more, the Wisconsin Brewers Guild can be a great resource for small brewers getting started.
  14. ELISA assay


    I had thought about an ELISA assay, as it would be far superior not just because of genetic contamination issues, but also because some strains of yeast contain the genes for...
  15. Media Vs PCR

    @Buffalo, i am well aware of the time restrictions of using media, i was only looking at it out of desperation, as the one lab i would trust to run PCR and give a correct result had thier...
  16. PCR Assay

    We've had two different labs using commercial Primer Sequences for Diastaticus give back two different results, positive and negative, which tells me that even the "Pros" developing these assays...
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    Yeast Managment Protocols

    We store our yeast in converted half barrel brinks.

    We usually try to crash pretty hard (around 35F) 1-2 days before collection

    As of right now we do not do any yeast acid washing or a wash...
  18. Found this little Gem after combing through my Bact 103 Lab notebooks

    Starch Agar: organisms streaked onto this media and incubated for a few days, after incubation, the media is flooded with Iodine solution and poured off, clear zones around growth indiciate amylitic...
  19. Diastaticus Detection

    Has anyone who has been reading this thread had any experience with starch based agar for isolating/detecting Diastaticus?

    Even with Membrane filtration on LWYM and LCSM i have not been able to...
  20. We bought ours on the internet, specifically...

    We bought ours on the internet, specifically Ebay, one of my guys found a sweetheart of a deal so we ordered it. Works just fine. 1/2 gallon/minute should be plenty, thats what we'll be doing...
  21. All, i thought i would share some information and...

    All, i thought i would share some information and updates on our current situation.

    We are hopefully through our last and final round of recalls, and I have sent samples from the most recent...
  22. Peristaltic pump Specs

    We just bought one with approximately 1 gallon/minute flow max(its a two head with .5 gallon flow rate per head). We plan to use it for yeast harvest as well as mixing for acid wash/homogenization...
  23. A few questions

    I am looking at bringing yeast propagation in house, and have been doing quite a bit of research over the last 2 weeks, so i appreciate the post, but have a few questions:

    At what point(s) do you...
  24. Wlp007

    We used to use WLP007 as our house strain and we also had a lot of difficulty determining viability both at harvest and prior to pitching with methylene blue, i beleive there are a few other stains...
  25. Refermentation in Packaged beer due to Diastaticus

    The main reason for this post was to inform, and also curious if anyone else has been having these issues, and how they deal with them.

    We (like many other breweries) assumed that yeast from the...
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