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  1. Yeast counting anxiety

    I too know the worries of making sure my sample prep for yeast samples doesn't kill the yeast leading to unreliable counts. As to your specific questions regarding the use of glycine buffer, the...
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    DO pickup

    I've had the same thought regarding DO pickup at the butterfly valves and while yes there is a small volume of air trapped in between your valves, by no means can you count that volume of air as...
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    Sure thing, I use these filters in the 15 cm size...

    Sure thing, I use these filters in the 15 cm size and a funnel that fits them. When we were working...
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    The Easy Dens from Anton...

    The Easy Dens from Anton Paar is a great option for monitoring gravity and is far far more accurate than...
  5. Obvious caveat that I can't positively confirm...

    Obvious caveat that I can't positively confirm just from a picture but from looking at the images but based on your timeline and the fact that you sprayed caustic and sanitizer its most likely...
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    Most brewers don't like plastic because it's...

    Most brewers don't like plastic because it's fragile in the sense that it's easy to damage the interior surface in a way to make it unusable. I think it's fantastic that you are ATP testing but the...
  7. positive HLP test

    Sorry to hear about the bugs. We encounter positive HLP results infrequently enough that for now we treat any colonies in HLP as too many but like Jeff was suggesting there's just no real way to know...
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    Lots of ways to help

    When it comes to filtering you want to make sure that you can get the liquid cold and that you can leave it to settle after your additions. Brewers that dry hope with pellets will have a particle...
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    Hach orbisphere and Zahm piercer

    Putting my opinion out there for the Hach orbisphere, this model can give you an accurate DO reading with the volume in a 12oz bottle which is something to consider since some of the cons of the less...
  10. Place for small questions that may not need a whole thread

    Hello fellow nerds, I wanted to propose a place to ask less far reaching questions that you've had brewing in the back of your mind. I'm imagining a thread like you see on other social platforms...
  11. Centrifuge and plate filter comparisons

    Sounds like some good advice but just thought I'd pop in and give my $.02 on centrifuges and plate and frame filters. For our size batches we've always had to pre-filter beer before sending through...
  12. 3068 is a bruiser


    We've used 3068 for a long time and what I can say is that it is a beast and will produce the esters and phenols you're looking for in just about any condition you can think of. With that...
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    Alcohol for sanitizing

    I agree with Tim about 70% being the more effective sanitizer but you could always dilute 100% down to 70% and alot of times that will be more cost effective. Also, if you are a brewery and licensed...
  14. Talk with your supplier

    In general I trust the media and if you have 50 cfu on a cupric sulphate plate that is normally clean then that's definitely a problem. I'd start by contacting the supplier and telling them what you...
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    Forced ferment

    I know you put you rest temps in your original post, but any chance you've tried a forced ferment to rule out a problem in the mash? Follow up, are you tracking gravity daily, are you checking pH? Is...
  16. Sorry to hear that you may be dealing with a...

    Sorry to hear that you may be dealing with a possible infection in your yeast slurry. The first point to make is that unless you have a lot of experience looking through a microscope and...
  17. Thread: Pcr

    by R.Cockerell

    Wide world of PCR

    PCR is a complicated assay and it really comes down to what you're comfortable with. In terms of bang for you buck then Real Time based detection kits are the way to go but the caveat is that unless...
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    Late to the game

    It's likely you've already pulled the trigger on this one but in case you haven't I would reach out to whatever company you will be working with to certify and maintain your hood for recommendations....
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