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    CO2 hose for brewery

    I'm opening a 5 bbl brewery and wondering how to manage my CO2 lines. As a homebrewer I've been using and really like Evabarrier 6 mm ID tubing for my CO2 on my jockey box, but can I use it for my...
  2. Follow up on Coalesccing and vapor filter


    I inquired about a coalescing and vapor filter as per your suggestion and my quote came back at almost $1000 more. I asked the company to help me understand why this filtration system...
  3. Thanks for those tips!

    Thanks for those tips!
  4. 7.5 kw screw type compressor with oil filter

    I'm wondering if you can give me feedback on this system. I'm opening a 5 bbl brewery in Japan. I'll need compressed air for my keg washer (2 head) and bottle filler (6 head). I have a quote for a...
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    steam sanitizing keg washer

    I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a good source for steam sterilizing keg washers from China. We're buying all of the rest of our equipment (brewhouse, tanks, etc.) from a company in China and can...
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