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  1. Freshly Emptied BOURBON Barrels Available!

    We have recently landed a full truck load of bourbon barrels; these barrels are 8-10 years old, with a mash +/- of 5% Barley, 10% Rye, 85% Corn. The barrels are 53 gallon/200L in size, and are...
  2. 2017cy Galaxy Available for Immediate Shipping!

    We have 2017cy Galaxy available for immediate shipping! The 2017cy Galaxy is being offered at $30/lb. if purchased alone, or $27.50/lb. if combined 1:1 with one of the following hop varietals: ...
  3. 2017cy New Zealand Hop Varietals - Availability

    We have adjusted our price on the 2017cy Motueka:

    Motueka 2017cy @ $15/lb.
    AA 7.5%

    Please note, all of the NZ hop varietals are available in 11 lb. cartons, with the exception of the Motueka,...
  4. 2017cy New Zealand Hop Varietals - Availability

    For additional information on New Zealand hop varietals, please refer to the link below. In addition, if interested, I can provide the certificate of analysis for each varietal upon request.
  5. 2017cy New Zealand Hop Varietals - Availability

    We have the following 2017cy New Zealand hop varietals available for immediate shipping:

    Southern Cross 2017cy @ $11.50/lb.
    AA 12.9%
    Dr. Rudi 2017cy @ $11.50/lb.
    AA 13.2%
  6. AVAILABLE: Hop Varietals in 1 lb. Vacuum Sealed Mylar Bags

    We have several hop varietals packaged in 1 lb. vacuum sealed Mylar bags, to include (with availability and pricing):

    ADHA 527 (1 lb.) @ $7.50/lb.
    ADHA 539 (3 lbs.) @ $7.50/lb....
  7. AVAILABLE...2016cy Azacca, Comet & Pekko

    We have the following 2015cy/2016cy hops available for immediate shipping:

    2015cy Centennial @ $6.50/lb.

    2016cy Azacca @ $9/lb.
    2016cy Pekko @ $8/lb.

    These are all T-90 pellets, and are...
  8. Experimental Hops 2016cy ADHA 484 & 2014cy ADHA 529

    We have the following ADHA hops available for immediate shipping:

    2016cy ADHA 484 @ $10/lb.
    *Aroma: Cedar, woody, bubblegum and spice.
    *AA%: 10.5-12%

    2014cy ADHA 529 @ $7/lb.
    *Aroma: Sweet,...
  9. Barrels Available (Wine & Spirit)

    If still in search of barrels, we may be able to provide some assistance. We have red wine (Syrah), white wine (Chardonnay), and bourbon barrels (36% rye) available. These barrels are being stored...
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