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  1. Freshly Dumped Whiskey then Beer x 1 Used Barrels for Sale

    Recently dumped barrels. Originally held whiskey, used once for beer.

    ISC 200L (53 gal) barrels

    200 barrels available.

    Located in Newport, Oregon

    Selling palletized, racks NFS
  2. Can Ends: Silver / Lime Green Tab, Gold / Red Tab

    Hi All,

    We have some sleeves of 202 Crown ends for sale.
    Silver and Lime Tab: 570 sleeves @ $ 16.65
    Gold and Red Tab: 460 sleeves @ $ 16.65

    For more information, contact:
  3. Updated Prices!

    Hi All,

    Below is the revised prices and some more details about the hops:

    Bravo CY15 13.1% @ $5

    Cascade CY16 6.1% @ $5

    Centennial CY14 8.6% @ $4
    Centennial CY15 @ $4.5
  4. Sabco 50L Rubber Chime and Bottom Kegs for Sale

    Hi Probrewers,

    Selling our float of Sabco 50L kegs. Kegs have a rubber chime and bottom, for easy stacking.

    Kegs have standard Sankey D coupler.

    Palletized 8 x 3 layers high to ship. (24...
  5. Lots of Hops for Sale: Bulk discount available

    Hi All,

    Clearing out some inventory, and looking to sell some hops. All are T-90 pellets. See list of hops below:

    Bravo: CY15 @ $6/lb

    Cascade: CY 2015 @ $5/lb

    Centennial: CY16 @ $6.50/lb
  6. BUMP Concentrates still available


    Concentrates still available
  7. For Sale: Mango and Dark Sweet Cherry Concentrate 6 gal pails

    Hi All,

    FOR SALE: Concentrates currently in frozen storage in Oregon

    Mango Concentrate: 324 lbs total
    70 Brix
    (6) 54 lb. pails

    $150/pail ($30/gal)
  8. Innovation Brewer: Issaquah Brewhouse Rogue Ales and Spirits

    Innovation Brewer: Issaquah Brewhouse Rogue Ales and Spirits

    Position: Brewer

    Job Type: Full Time

    Reports to: Issaquah Brewpub GM, Director of Operations

    About Us:
    Rogue is a small...
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