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  1. Experienced Brewer/Cellarman actively searching

    I've got five years experience, both pub and production. Currently the assistant head of a 50 bbl production facility/brewpub chain. Prior to this, I ran one of the 10 bbl pubs systems within the...
  2. Experienced Brewer looking for new opportunities

    Currently heading up a 10 bbl brewpub in Boston Metrowest, but looking to stretch my legs a bit. Five years experience in both pub and production settings. Deep hot and cold side knowledge,...
  3. Experienced Assistant Brewer/Cellarman Seeking new opportunities

    Assistant Brewer/Cellarman with 4+ years experience at a large brewpub seeking to learn, experience, and grow as a brewer.

    Experienced both hot and cold side, fermentation tracking, familiarity...
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