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    Zunhuang Brewing Equipment Unitanks?

    Hi, we received a good price quote from Zunhuang Brewing Equipment for some 60 bbls unitanks. Wonder if anyone has buying experience with this company and also would love to hear about their built...
  2. Pall lenticular filter WSFZ operating manual?

    Hi, a year ago I purchased a used 16 inch 4 module lenticular filter from a USA cidery, that came without an operating manual. I did contact pall but they were unable to supply that document arguing...
  3. Thanks a lot for all this excellent information!...

    Thanks a lot for all this excellent information! After reading your comments I going for the k150, rated a 3-4 microns. Thanks again for taking the time to respond!
  4. Pall lenticular k-250 or k -300? Inline between unitank and bottling machine?

    Hi, I´m trying to decide wich modules to buy, the rated 3-9 micron K250 or the coarser 6 - 12 K300s. Our filter housing is a four module 16" pall lenticular and we are planing (if possible) to filter...
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    Loud bang at crowning

    We just got our new Meheen, everything working fine but it think noise at crowning is much louder than it should. I've seen other meheen fillers, even using same caps as ours and none of them are as...
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    Do not buy it!!!!!

    Hi, got this second edition for $200 at ebay. I think most people get it for collection purposes or hopping to get a detailed info guide on building a brewery "using used dairy equipment", a chapter...
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    Thanks! I read about injecting live steam in...

    Thanks! I read about injecting live steam in Kunze´s book and in fact I already request Meura a quote (no response yet). Meura system also uses a dedicated special mixer that works along with their...
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    Thanks a lot for your replies! Considering that...

    Thanks a lot for your replies! Considering that the tank has to be cut and rewelded, and cosidering that this jacket may no work for my application, I think going to stay with the tank as is.
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    Steam bottom heated MT, enough for step mash?

    Hi, we are getting done our 15 bbl brewhouse and the mash tun is finished. The problem is that we just decided that want to make step mashing to improve attenuation in belgian beers. The tank is...
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