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    Used Kegs For Sale in New York

    Used kegs from 1911 Hard Cider. We have had these kegs for 3 years and are signing with a leasing company so will no longer need them. Take advantage of this great deal!

    1/2 Kegs Lightly Used...
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    Combi Case Erector - Model EZ 1

    Combi Case Erector in Upstate New York at Beak & Skiff Cider Mill
    Model EZ1
    Tape Bottom Seal
    Serial # EZ17281

    Equipment Description
    Used Combi Packaging EZ 1 Case...
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    Used Centrifuge - GEA Westfalia GSC 25

    Used GEA Westfalia Centrifuge in Syracuse, NY
    GSC 25 Package
    Item No. 5501 - 376
    Made in 2009

    ***Has been in our Fresh Cider plant for the past 9 years for clarifying Cider from our apple...
  4. Single Head Bag-in-box filler M-135 Priced To Sell!!!

    Single Head Bag-in-box filler

    M-135 Single Head Bag-in-box filler

    Single head, semi-automatic bag-in-box filler

    Economical, easy to use and easy to maintain option for filling bag-in-box...
  5. Contract Hard Cider Making & Bottling in New York

    5th Generation & Family Owned and Operated business in Syracuse, NY looking for contract partners. We specialize in hard cider, but also have the ability to make and bottle carbonated beverages. We...
  6. Contract Bottling - Carbonated and Still Products - 12oz & 750ML

    We are a contract beverage manufacturer just outside of Syracuse, NY. We currently produce Hard Cider & Wine as well as other Non Alcoholic Products
    We have a fully automated bottling line that can...
  7. Contract Hard Cider Production & Bottling in Upstate New York

    We can help you make Hard Cider. From "Tree to Bottle" we can pick, press, ferment, filter, and bottle your Hard Cider in our state of the art production facility.

    250,000 Gallons of additional...
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    Contract Hard Cider Making New York

    Based in Upstate New York we offer contract Hard Cider making. We have a completely vertical operation - growing our own apples, pressing, and fermentations and finally bottling. We have capability...
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    Contract Vodka & Gin Distiller From Apples

    We currently make Vodka & Gin triple distilled from apples grown on our family farm in upstate NY. We are interested in working with customers on a private label spirit
    using our similar formula. ...
  10. Fimer Monoblock (w/cleaning "dummy bottles" & change parts) & STS Labeler

    One year old Fimer Monoblock (rinser, filler, capper) made in Italy, basically brand new. Purchased from Crivellar by 1911 Hard Cider in Syracuse, NY.
    Runs 12oz as well as 750ML (comes with the...
  11. Contract Hard Cider Making & Bottling in New York

    We have a 15,000 sq ft facility dedicated to hard cider just outside of Syracuse, NY. We are a family owned business with over 100 years experience in the apple business. We have 1,000 acres of...
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    Contract Bottling

    We are a new 15,000 sq. ft. production facility located in Lafayette, New York.
    We have a brand new counter pressure filler unit with rinser and capper as well as bright tanks, de-pallitizer, case...
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    1911 Spirits Looking For Brewer/Distiller

    Beak and Skiff
    Lafayette, NY 13084
    About the Job
    Beak and Skiff Apple Orchards and 1911 Spirits are looking for an experienced Distiller and Hard Cider maker for its...
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