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  1. re: Operating brewery is not easy or cheap

    You have to have physical address and building for the brewery.

    -I'm aware. the permits and licensing are tied to a physical location.

    Before you spend any dollar, fully understand licensing...
  2. "if I can get it licensed"

    "if I can get it licensed" that's a big part of the the equation here. I'm in Pennsylvania btw. For the brewhouse I'd probably prefer to just brew outdoors with a cover over top and even store it in...
  3. 1-bbl nano brewery in a shipping container?

    For some time now I have been trying to figure out a way to make my dream a reality with low costs and using the brewing equipment I already have. An idea that occurred to me was starting in a...
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    there are two parts that make up the adapter. in...

    there are two parts that make up the adapter. in this picture there is the faucet adapter, the beer washer, and another piece
    what size faucet adapter?
    what is the other piece called and what size?...
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    faucet jumper

    would like to put together my own faucet jumpers which will cost a lot less than purchasing them already made. what are the fittings that go at each end called? Thanks
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    faucet jumpers

    can someone list the part names for making my own faucet jumper? I've been cleaning draft beer lines for a little while now but am looking to do this for myself and will be purshasing equipment. i...
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    re 20 lines

    if you have 20 lines that you will be cleaning. save yourself the headache and get the proper equipment for a recirculation cleaning. It will cost more but it will do a better job and will be much...
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    commercial brewing Philadelphia, pa

    Right now my experience in brewing is from my own home brewing. I currently work as a tap technician for my primary day job. Looking for a brewery that could use the help that is also willing to help...
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    new brewery worskops

    Looking at attending a new brewery workshop to help me get started. There is one coming up in San Diego which will be a bit pricey b/c of the cost of tickets plus having to find a hotel. There is...
  10. brewery at a winery

    did you get approved for this? From what I have read on ttb guidelines so far they will only allow one production license in one location. If you have gotten approved how did you get approved?
  11. Yes

    You are right. Far too much to spend on rent. The $3000 was initially based on one space I considered. I'm now looking elsewhere
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    re ryan at brew floors

    Hey Ryan, this is an amazing answer and is very helpful to me planning out what my cost should be. Thank you very much, this information will be put to good use.
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    Brewery floor, what do I need to know?

    As I am doing my planning for my brewery I need to know what is involved with creating a brewery floor. What do I need apart from it being concrete and having floor drains? How can I set up a solid...
  14. re HogMountain

    I have a pile of books I need to read now including those books and dvd.
    I'm planning on doing something similar that is much closer to me on the east coast at a brewery in new york called hopshire...
  15. re burcher

    The only reason I asked about the specific price was a specific location I was considering that was already set up with a commercial kitchen. I'm going to start looking around for places with lower...
  16. re TonyT

    my goal isn't to lose any money but to be able to start with a modest salary and grown my business slowly over time until the point where I ca attract an investor to my business with a high in demand...
  17. Catfish002

    where would I find plans to build a frankenbrew system? where would I find plans to build my own keg washer?
    the only reason I'm considering a 1-bbl brewpub is b/c I currently have a 1-bbl brewing...
  18. re: go bigger

    the 80/20 model was from my original business plan. at this size it would likely be more heavily retail based. the reason for starting with a 1-bbl brewhouse is that is what equipment I currently...
  19. re:

    I can tell you that I have a 2bbl system and my rent is a third of yours; and my taproom can hold 50+ and an outside area that can hold that again and my breakeven point is nearly 50 months. I wish...
  20. What's the minimal amount of money that I need to start a 1-barrel brewery in pa?

    Right now I have a 1-bbl brewhouse. two 1/2-bbl conical fermenters, a glycol chiller, a plate chiller, 6 30-gallon food grade plastic containers that can be used as fermenters, 3 20-liter home...
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    re UnFermentable

    I tried calling hach but kept getting transferred from person to person until I was put on hold as no one seemed to know what I was talking about when I asked about co2 and o2 test equipment. I...
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    co2 & o2 testing equipment

    working on equipment cost for new brewery. Looking for co2 & 02 testing equipment manufacturers so I can get a price quote.
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    re: BrewinLou

    but is the ttb the only government agency that is able to approve the production of alcoholic beverages by a brewery? I can't find it now but I recall reading something about fda approval for beer...
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    help for new brewery

    looking for help to navigate the initial ttb process for approval for a new brewery. How is this done and what do info do I need to minimally give them to approve my beer?

    Also, we plan on brewing...
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    cost of kegging for a new brewery

    been doing research online and so far for kegs the most common cost per keg when buying a pallet or more has been around $120-$133 each. This seems rather high. What are some companies that offer...
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