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  1. Brewer Needed Annapolis MD- Established Chesapeake Brewing Co. Next to 3 Hotels

    Join an exciting team where everything happens! ISO Brewer ready to dedicate their passion
    with brewing into clear production schedule and branding process.
    * Minimum 1+ years experience
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    When you load up a tractor trailer of beer for the distributor and realize your take on the profit margin is a mere $750 you realize more focus on the tap room, developing brands, brewing some killer...
  3. brewer mind state in need of a twist

    OK - You had me at 'brew'

    We started as a craft beer taproom on eastern shore (Chesapeake bay) then started brewing our own in a Nano 3 barrel system, and just recently opened a bigger location (6...
  4. Looking for Part Time Co-Brewer in Crisfield MD

    26819 Located blocks to the Chesapeake Bay, Crisfield is a quiet, small community that is proud to claim its the Crab Capital and that is where we brew some really great beers! Crab Shanty Pale...
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