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    Harvesting yeast from a kettle sour??

    We're going to make a smaller beer using 3522 Belgian Ardennes Yeast for harvesting to use for a Belgian Strong (we've used this method before and it worked great). We are thinking of making the...
  2. Brewer Position in Livingston, Montana

    Neptune’s Brewery in Livingston, Montana is hiring a brewer to join our team. An hour north of Yellowstone National Park, we are a small but quickly growing brewery. We have a small taproom and...
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    Thanks for the feedback

    Thanks for all of the feedback. Guess the smarty pants was right.
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    Inlet Hose length

    Well, we've got a bit of a debate happening here in the brewhouse. One of the brewers thinks that a shorter an inlet hose (5 ft), the better it is for the pump as it is meant to push not pull. The...
  5. Closed Fermentation vs. using an airlock?

    I have been running a closed fermentation with a 15-17 PSI pressure release valve on all of my fermenters for years now. All of my other brewer buddies are using an airlock with a sani bucket and...
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