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  1. Bigger fermenters 1st or last in the glycol loop?

    Does anyone have an opinion on if the bigger fermenters for double batching should be closest or furthest from the glycol bath in the loop? Thanks
  2. Opinions on double batch brewing techniques...

    We are going to start double batching our brews and my search has come up with some differing opinions on some of the techniques. We will be doing 2 batches on the same day. I'm curious to hear some...
  3. Does anyone know the legality of taking part in a beerfest across state lines?

    We have an opportunity to be a part of a beerfest in a different state. Does anyone know the legality of this? Thanks
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    Yea I understood that to be the concern.. the...

    Yea I understood that to be the concern.. the reason I ask is because we had a tough time getting the fv to the proper head pressure for saturation when carbing through the stone. The only thing that...
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    Reason for headspace in ferm question??

    Hey guys, what is the ideal range to leave for headspace when fermenting in a unitank? Too much? Not enough? Is this just a blow issue with krausen or is there something else that I am overlooking?...
  6. Brewed an IPA, of 1.064, at 1.020 after 4 days, help

    Og was 1.064, using us05 yeast, temp was holding at 70 for 2 days but then the room temp dropped and ferm temp dropped to 55... after 4 days it's at 1.020 and last time it was 1.014 after 4 days. ...
  7. Carbonate unitank process clarification please!!??

    Ok guys, I know there are several threads and info on the topic but I just need a few things clarified. Carbonating a 3bbl unitank via a carb stone. Here is the process i plan to do... the temp...
  8. Worried that water and grains wont fit for recipe. Help??

    Making a full 3bbl batch for 1st time on system. Recipe calls for 127 gallons of strike water and 214 lbs of grain. The tun is 150 gallons. Seems like a lot of water and grains for that size tun....
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    Colas question? Always required?

    We just became legal federally and state. We are kind of confused about the whole colas thing. Are we required to submit for colas approval for every beer that we make? Ot only if if contains...
  10. Colorado state liq license inspection ques?

    I have my state liquor license inspection coming up.. what should I expect for this? What exactly are they looking for ? From talking to them it seems like surprisingly little,
  11. Pressurizing empty kegs, how to know if its pressurized to what the regulator reads?

    So i have to sanitize a few kegs by hand before filling this batch. Once I put it back together and hook it up to the co2 tank how do I know if its pressurized to the regulators set psi? Im setting...
  12. We ended up doing 69 for 7 days (including rest)...

    We ended up doing 69 for 7 days (including rest) 1 day at 55, 1 day at 40, and 3 days at 35.. the stress on the chiller was def something we were considering. This being our 1st time with the system...
  13. I see. So after d rest we went to 50 for a day...

    I see. So after d rest we went to 50 for a day and currently at 40 for another day and then 33 or so for a few more. Capped the blowoff/cip arm so it's all closed other thn the prv incase of...
  14. 1st time using 3bbl unitank. Cold crash ques...

    This is our 1st time using the new 3bbl unitank and we about to crash the temp. Few questions .
    1- since prim fermentation is done am i correct in assuming that we would remove the blowoff hose...
  15. Not repitching yet

    Not repitching yet
  16. Any benefit/ drawback from gradually crashing temp?

    Is there any reason to or not to gradually cold crash after diacetyl rest? Example 50 degs for a day, 40 for a day and 33 for a few? Or do people have better results going straight to 33? Thoughts ?...
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    Dry hop timing??

    Brewing 1st batch on 3bbl system and unitank.. any advice on when to dry hop? Few days into fermentation? After d rest? Before or after yeast dump? Before or after cold crash? Thanks
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    Trub dumping schedule?

    What are some of your trub/yeast dumping schedules? Good to go in early primary fermentation? Some every day? Or wait till cold crash? Thanks
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    Star san in ferm cip?

    Forgot that I ran out of my go to cip sanitizer but have some star san left over... how big of a pain in the ass is this stuff through a spray ball in a ferm? Any tips from anyone that's used this? I...
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    I've seen those. Would the threading be universal...

    I've seen those. Would the threading be universal for the o2 tank regulators ? Also I have a flow meter already, so would a standard welding regulator work? Not work?
  21. Cleaning/sanitizing oxygenation o2 hoses parts...

    We will be in line oxygenation with pure o2 through a stone inline to fv prior to pitching yeast through top manway of a 3bbl unitank. The wort, at this point, being very susceptible to contamination...
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    O2 regulator threading ?

    Can someone lead me in the right direction as far a regulator for o2? The threading size seems different from that of a co2 reg.. thanks
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    Dry hopping advice please

    We will be fermenting, crashing, carbing, and kegging from a unitank. I know there have been several threads on this but I am hoping to get some advice on what temps and times have worked for people...
  24. Maybe I'm thinking of a brite tank when racking...

    Maybe I'm thinking of a brite tank when racking from a ferm.
  25. Yea am def adding o2 inline on the way. Just...

    Yea am def adding o2 inline on the way. Just thought I remember hearing people pressurizing the tank with co2 pre fil??
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