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  1. Cidermaker/Assistant Cidermaker wanted in Nelson County VA

    Bryant's Cider is looking for an experienced cider/brewing assistant to help us increase production!

    Come join our small yet dynamic team as we introduce small batch dry ciders to the 151...
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    Yeah, took two and a half days on the first run...

    Yeah, took two and a half days on the first run with corks and cages. Was doing like 300 bottles an hour. Had about half a day of down time from equipment failures. May need to look for something...
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    how many bottles do you usually crank through...

    how many bottles do you usually crank through with it?

    So Im capping about 4,500 bottles once a month. Aiming to get bottling down to a single day possibly with like 3 people.
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    Crown capping machines

    Hi all,

    I have a manual bottling line with a few gravity fillers and 750ml bottles. Thinking of moving from cork/cage to crown caps to reduce time/cost.

    Does anyone have a good recommendation...
  5. Thread: Case boxes

    by Jerry1847

    Case boxes

    Ordered a few pallets of bulk bottles for my first run and now need boxes.

    I did everything in 750ml Belgians with cork and cage.

    Anyone have a suggestion for purchasing cheap storage boxes?...
  6. Primed cider for bottling, and didn't bottle

    First production run and had few delays. Long story short, primed three tanks, recirculated for a while. Bottled everything from the larger tank but not the two smaller ones. This was Saturday. I...
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    Got it, thank you. I do need to find a welder...

    Got it, thank you.

    I do need to find a welder but will prob get a bulkhead fitting until i find one.

    I'm not going to be filling for a few months and need to spend time working on my process...
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    Brite tank repair

    Picked up a used tank a few weeks ago. 15bbl single wall.

    There was a pour spout attached for sampling. And somehow I broke it off. Now have a 1/4 inch hole in my tank.

    Are there any noon...
  9. All, Thank you for the replies. The motor...


    Thank you for the replies. The motor probably is overkill so ill be calling CPE for a properly sized unit.

  10. I bought a pump, now what? I need some help


    Just staring out so please forgive the n00b questions.

    I picked up a filter last weekend and the seller also had a nice 3hp pump motor for sale. So i bought it. Now i need to understand...
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