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Thread: sticky residue

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    sticky residue

    I just started to notice a white sticky residue in some of my tanks after CIP cycle. It mainly resides on the bottom of the tank or on protrusions into the tanks, such as thermowells. I also just installed a CIP system and noticed the same residue in the caustic brink. I have been using five star chemicals, specifically starline, acid #5 and starzene. I fear it may be my brew hose starting to deteriorate. Is there any way to substantiate this without having to replace all my brew hose. I know I could cut off an end of one of my hoses to inspect it, but I don't own a banding tool to clamp the ferrule back on. Anyone else experienced this?

    Justin Moore
    Red Lodge Ales Brewing Co.

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    First, check with 5-Star. They have some intelligent people on staff. For your hose, scrape the inside with an ice tea spoon or similar long thing.

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    C & R

    If you go to the search engine and enter the request, you will find lot's
    of good answers. The cause of your problem could have many factors:
    * is CO2 all out of tank (very important factor)
    * temperature of make-up water
    * pre-condition of the tank

    I would call other cleaning material suppliers too; loeffler Chemical, Birko,
    Wayne Chemical.


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