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Thread: flaked wheat and malted wheat

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    flaked wheat and malted wheat

    What is the difference between flaked wheat and malted wheat? I know you get fermentables out of malted wheat, do you get the same, if any from flaked. Also, is all flaked wheat pregelantinized,or, only if it is specified that way.

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    What Malt vs. Flakes

    To our knowledge, all flaked malts and adjuncts are pregelatinized, or precooked, unless stated otherwise. The possible exception would be "steel-cut" oats.

    Malted wheat is wheat that has undergone the malting process and is sold in its natural whole kernel form. The primary difference here is that germination has resulted in the breakdown of proteins and many other materials in the kernel.

    Flaked malts and ajuncts are made by steaming the whole kernel, typically under pressure, until the kernel softens and swells. Then the kernels are passed between a set of hot rollers, which flatten and pull them apart.

    Flaked wheat is made with raw wheat, wheat that has not been malted.

    Flaked malts and adjuncts will provide you with additional fermentables.

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