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Thread: Brewing Process Diagram for Website

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    Brewing Process Diagram for Website

    We are currently in the midsts of building our website ( and of course will include a page that will document the brewing process.

    Does anyone know (or have) where I can obtain a nice simple/clean yet complete diagram to use for this page?

    We are a 7bbl brew pub, will mill and not botteling or kegging.


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    For what it is worth, I use Visio to make up diagrams for many training sessions. At least with this, you could prepare the diagrams to suit your particular setup. With a little practice they can be as complex or simple as you like. I guess if you wanted to go into more detail you could use something like autoCAD to prepare 3D drawings, but I guess you are trying to convey the process to a layman, not an experienced brewer so an artist's impression / interpretation may not necessarily be the best thing. If you want to try and get across some of the 'character' / 'soul' of small breweries, then add a few photos as well.

    I guess there are other drawing packages out there that will do the job just as well or better, but basically I think you are better off making something unique, that imparts a little of the character you wish to convey to the viewer. Have a good look around other websites for ideas, and build up your own "ideal" brewery / process, that suits you, your brewery and your process.


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