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Thread: Estimate Per Foot For Trench Drains?

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    Estimate Per Foot For Trench Drains?


    I am looking for a ballpark figure that folks have spent to install trench drains. Average per foot or such would be good info. Just looking for general numbers, I know there are factors that make it variable.

    Beaux Bowman

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    It really does depend.

    We spent around $6000 for ten feet of trench, ~30-40ft total of copper water plumbing running to the three comp sink, hand sink and water filter. It gets more expensive the furthur the trench drain is from the sewer main. All that extra concrete cutting and excavation. New isntallations (no concrete poured yet) are probably much cheaper than retrofits. You should just call around and get some estimates from plumbers. Estimates generally free and that will give you a better idea. Next time I am running down to home depot and renting a concrete saw and doing it myself. Judging from the quality of the work they did in my instalation I would probably do better work myself! It isn't exactly rocket science just make sure you get the right slope and number/positon of air vents to meet code. I hope I never have to deal with another plumber again in my life... Good luck! So where you building out in Redmond? I am a new brewery in seattle.

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    The materials for the trench are not too expensive. I used an ACO ChemDrain with stainless steel edges and it was around $3000 for 40 feet. Plumbing it to the sewer outlet 20 feet away, demo'ing concrete, pouring concrete, etc. was a much bigger number. If I had to take a very wild guess, I'd say $250 per foot assuming you are not doing the work yourself.

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