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Thread: the invisible night worker

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    the invisible night worker

    I have a heavily soiled cask line. Another brewer told me to soak it overnight with a dual caustic cleaner (maybe Cl2 NaOH?). The lines are PVC. Anyhoo, this got me to thinking, is it ok to soak all of my lines overnight with such a cleaner? It would be kind of nice to go home knowing there is a detergent still hard at work after I've punched out. Of course, I would thoroughly rinse the next morning.

    I generally soak for 20 minutes, then rinse, then sanitize. I don't think this is always effective enough based on what I saw in one of my cask lines (since I can't see my beer lines, a pound of prevention is worth it's weight in.....hops.).
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    I remember MicroMatic not recommending leaving your cleaner in line over night...
    why don't you run acid cleaner as well? It's usually beer stone left in the line.

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    small pieces of a sponge works great.

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    My Humble Opinion

    Hey Mr. Jay,

    My thought is swap the line if it's been there for a while. Get it out of the equation altogether. Having changed out a lot of beer lines in our B1 facility, I would humbley put that forth. It doesn't cost a lot, and cask lines should be short.

    Plastic is porous, and can play home to a whole host of junk you don't want in your fine product. If it gets too impregnated, it is almost ( is) impossible to clean. Just swap the line. Foxx carries loads of beer line diameters, and I'm sure you can find one there.

    However, if you're talking between beers, the run a full hot water rinse between beers just after the last beer had been run through. A hoppy beer that lives in a line for a few days isn't going to stain like a root beer or a fruit beer (with extract).

    Debris should come out with BLC (Beer Line CLeaner) with a full blast. If the line is short, you can run a brush through it with a long wire.

    Just my $.02.


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