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Thread: Leaking Hot Liquor Tank

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    Leaking Hot Liquor Tank

    Howdy All,
    I have a 10bbl MonoBloc II (or III) and I've notice the hot liquor tank has started to drip, drip, leak, leak right from the bottom middle where the "out port" is connected. Since this system is mounted on a metal framework, I am unable to wiggle my way under. Does anyone know if this "out port" is triclamped on (I hope) or is it welded? My next challenge is to figure out how to lift the combi-vessel hot liquor tank and mash tun to correct the issue!

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    I ran one of those jimsters for six years, and beat on it like a rented mule. The problem is probably not the HLT outflow but the steam jacket. I would just ignore it or use the kettle to heat your water.

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