I’m now talking to a contractor who supposedly has ownership of a building on the Chicago register of historic buildings and additional empty land across the street. It’s on the South Side of Chicago, in the Bridgeport neighborhood. If you haven’t been to Bridgeport (old Chicago Stockyards area) lately, the transformation has been amazing. Condos, a new business center, multi-million dollar houses…

This guy owns a plumbing business, tells me he has the go-ahead of the local alderman, and is looking for a brewpub or brewery to work with to begin the anchoring of new businesses in the area. Like GI’s old situation, this building is located in a TIF area, so there’s a City of Chicago tax stimulus package involved. He’d rebuild the building interior to specifications if he had someone moving in and wants to build other retail shops across the street.

The old business district on 35th and Halsted has been rebuilt, there is new construction everywhere in the area, and as I remember Goose Island when it first opened, this area is much less life-threatening than GI’s neighborhood used to be. Compared to what the Halls built their business on, this area’s a paradise, a stone’s throw away from U.S. Cellular Field (White Sox), Soldier Field (the Bears), I-55 and the Dan Ryan…15 minutes to The Loop.

Anyway, he’s talking about a multi-million project and he wants a brewpub smack in the middle of it.

Aside from the combined 26,000 sq ft on two levels, he figures the basement would add another 13,000. He’s pricing this at around $40 per sq ft or so and would adjust this for a long-term lease. What makes this nice is the fact that the the lessee could add input for whatever was needed before construction begins and not have to retro-fit around something. That and plenty of parking, a rare North Side thing. The alderman’s supposed to be a big supporter of the development. Construction begins in June.

You want a Chicago venue for Real Ale…with gobs of parking to boot? Here it is, but first it needs a brewpub.

And I haven’t even talked about the development of the property across the street…

Anybody interested? I'm tired of driving to the North Side of Chicago for a good beer when I'm in Chicago and my mother-in-law still lives in Bridgeport. I'd visit her more often if I could pick up a growler for the way home.

More here http://beerinfood.wordpress.com/2008...oking-for-you/

I have his business proposal in hand.