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Thread: Sour Mashing?

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    Sour Mashing?

    I came across a blurb in "Radical Brewing" about how Guinness "sours" part its beer to add that signiture twang to its famous stout, and it made me think. As a owner of a future radical brewery, I plan on utilizing local ingredients as a compliment flavor to my beers, it will likly be mostly apples, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, pumpkins, honey etc., and to lower the grain and hop bill costs. For example: I am planning to brew a dry irish stout with raspberries (try Guinness with a little framboise on top) and would like that slight (latic acid) twang to add to the bitterness and to compliment the fruity flavor of the raspberries. I dont want to contaminate w/ bacteria or add latic acid. I would like to reuse the yeast. My "bright idea" was to mash in/mash out and leave overnight, and continue the brewing process the next day. The boil would kill the bacteria and I would get the sour twang I wanted. Anyone tried this or is there a better (not easier) way to accomplish this brew. I am also planning to do this with an Irish red w/ strawberries. Thanks and cheers!

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    Hey MA,
    Check out this previous thread which talks about using acidulated malt and sour mashing styles, it should be helpful.
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