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Thread: PA liquor law question

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    PA liquor law question

    I am curious if PA allows the sale of a case of malt beverages(beer of course) to the public out of your brewery as long as it is not consumed on premise? I am hoping some PA guys could help. I found this and think it allows this without any additional permits but want to make sure.

    SECTION 4-440. Sales by manufacturers of malt or brewed beverages; minimum quantities

    No manufacturer shall sell any malt or brewed beverages for consumption on the premises where sold, nor sell or deliver any such malt or brewed beverages in other than original containers approved as to capacity by the board, nor in quantities of less than a case or original containers containing sixty-four ounces or more which may be sold separately; nor shall any manufacturer maintain or operate within the Commonwealth any place or places other than the place or places covered by his or its license where malt or brewed beverages are sold or where orders are taken.


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    Yup. You can sell cases of your own beer as well as kegs and growlers. You just can't sell six-packs or pints for drinking on premises UNLESS you get a separate retail bar, restaurant or a brewpub license.
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