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Thread: Portable keg washer

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    Portable keg washer

    Anyone know if there exists a portable keg washing machine? I'm picturing something with a heating element and which could hook up to tap water for rinsing, kind of like those portable dishwashers that hook up to your kitchen sink (except probably bigger).

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    I had to design and build ours for bung sided Sankey mods. It will do 4 kegs, though, and I doubt it constitues as completely portable. However, we do yard it around on a pallet jack.

    One of the issues you run into is the BTU rise needed to keep the caustic hot. Ours has a 3Ph Inconel heating element and you can watch the caustic go down in temp with every cycle. If you had Sankey straight sides, you might minimize this a bit.

    There are good smaller keg washers out there for staright sides, I'm sure, but one as simple as you describe that utilizes tap water? No, sorry, I haven't seen one.

    Good luck,

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