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Thread: Sugar Addition During Primary Fermentation

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    Question Sugar Addition During Primary Fermentation

    I was rudely interrupted by the city health inspectors while brewing a dubbel a few days ago and I screwed the pooch and forgot to add my sugar to the kettle as usual. I've read one other thread where the brewer is dissolving the sugar in hot water and pumping it into the fermenting beer at 6-9 Plato. Does anyone have any other ideas of how to efficiently get the sugar into the beer? Funny thing, this beer is called "Predicament"...

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    I understand that adding sugar during fermentation will make your yeast happier anyway. I take a corny keg, fill with very hot water, push 1/2 of the water out with CO2, dump sugar in the top till it's full, seal, shake it up a little, then push the syrup with CO2 into the fermenting beer. Kind of a pain compared to putting it in the kettle, but it works!

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