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Thread: Cleaning lines after serving lambic beers

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    Cleaning lines after serving lambic beers

    Can anyone share their experiences with cleaning lines after they have served lambic beers in them. We are getting ready to serve some Kriek we made and I am trying to see what to do differently for cleaning these lines as opposed to my regular line cleaning. By the way they are flavor resistant lines that are permanently mounted in conduit wrapping so it would be tough to replace the entire line. Any info is appreciated..

    Michael Uhrich
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    Beer line cleaner.

    Regular cleaning with a good caustic cleaner should do just fine. I would go the distance and pull the faucet and coupler all the way apart.
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    we usually use a warm caustic wash and/or maybe overnight soak followed by a good rinse.
    then we like to soak some PAA in the line. seems to eliminate odors better and sanitizes.

    always a good idea to put a "hardier" beer up on that line next..

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    Certainly follow the caustic with some strong acid sanitizer. Brett's tough and make sure you didn't get any backflow into your CO2 lines. Peracide is great for this but only after your alkaline cleaning. We've done lots of Lambics and never had a carry over in serving lines.

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