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Thread: yeast cross over flavors

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    yeast cross over flavors

    A shout out to my fellow brewers. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if I use the same yeast I used for a spiced ale for a stout or another dark brew. Will the spiced flavor cross over to the brew. Should I wait for another clean yeast or can I use the "spiced yeast" for my other ales. Any help would be great .

    Thanks so much,
    The Pig

    P.S. the spiced ale is very mellow and not like those dessert beers out there.

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    Yeast tends to pick up all sorts of flavours, and the barm ale which forms the yeast suspension also seems to contain concentrated flavours, probably merely from the high yeast concentration. You may well get away with it if your yeast is very clean and dry, but personally I would wait for a non spice ale yeast source to become available for anything other than a very similar or identical spiced ale.

    If you are desperate, you could try washing the yeast with isotonic sugar solution or other fermented non spiced ale for a couple of hours ( like acid washing - keep it cold, circa 4 deg C to prevent rapid yeast deterioration), resettle the yeast and then immediately pitch with the washed yeast - but it's a lot of hassle.


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    I doubt you'll get much flavor cross-over at all as the yeast itself won't really absorb the flavors, but may be suspended in the beer of a given volume of slurry.
    I recommend a simple wash of sterile water between two dairy buckets, cover with foil and put in the reefer for the night.
    In the morning (brewday), carefully pour off the separated water/floating scum and join the two buckets.

    This should help re-hydrate the yeast and wash out flavors.

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