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Thread: Company or Product logo on Merchandise?

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    Company or Product logo on Merchandise?

    We are looking at supplying bars with branded glasses, coasters etc. Should we brand them with our company logo, or the logo of our most popular style of beer?

    Everyone thoughts would be appreciated

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    My only problem with branding coasters with various styles is that you need a new coaster for every brand, which in itself is no problem. If not, then people will be ordering a style that's not available in that outlet.

    On glasses, I personally would go with the logo and name of the brewery to make them as flexible as possible.

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    I would put the brewery logo on the coaster with the individual logo of maybe your top 4 products smaller in the corners or at the bottom of the coaster. You could also do a two sided coaster with the brewery logo on one side and the others logos on the other side.

    The point of this is you want people to associate your most popular product with you, the producer as well as with all the other products you produce. Many time you find people love one particular product but don't have a clue who or where its produced or if it has any sister products that they might also be interested in trying.

    If you're going to market your business you want to market your whole business, not just one tiny aspect of it. Take advantage of the success of your one product to promote rest of them.

    Coasters are a much less expensive investment than glassware so depending on what you have budgeted I would start with coasters. Once you have coasters out there you follow up with glassware but only in your best accounts and in return for maybe putting two products in rotation.

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