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Thread: which pils malt?

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    which pils malt?

    So I have decided that I want to use Pilsner malt in one of my upcoming O-Fest in addition to plenty of Vienna and Munich. The issue is my main supplier does not carry Weyerman's Pilsner, a malt Ive used, know, and like. So I need to choose between two maltsters that I have never used thier version of Pilsner.

    Thomas Faucet, whose crystal I have had and like alot but their Pils malt is called Lager malt which from what I understand is good but not great. Its also not German.

    The other being Best-Malz who I have never had any of thier grains, nor do I think I have had any other local brew made with it. It is however German in origin.

    The final decision might be price, but to be honest I will spend the extra to get quality grain for this beer. O-fest is not something to be skimped upon.

    So any comments, votes, ideas, etc. is greatly appreciated. The last option is to find another supplier, but I have a feeling the corp might cast a glance my way as the new guy starts running wild with C.O.D. accounts. Thanks again. Cheers!
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    pils malt

    Best Malz is great quality. I've used it many times before - saisons, octoberfests, belgian style beers... I'm guessing that you are a NC Malt customer. Crosby Baker carries the Weyermann Pils malt - right in your back yard. I've actually heard that Best Malz is malted at the Weyermann plant...
    Shaun e.

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    RE: Pilsner malt

    Hey Frank,
    The Best Malz is great. I used it in all of my lagers for the last 3 or 4 years. It's pretty consistent and the Munich is quite tasty. Good luck and feel free to PM me anytime if you have any lager questions.
    Paul Davis
    Prodigal Brewing

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    I use the Fawcett's lager malt and I would not recomend using it for a true German lager. It's a great malt, but it just doesn't have that nice grassy, grainy flavor that good pils malt has. I would recomend the Best Malz for an Oktoberfest

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    best maltz vienna and munich I have used! Love em.

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